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Auckland Windsurfing Association AGM July 2010

Auckland Windsurfing Association AGM - Minutes by: Daniel Thomas – President

Greg Olver has offered to take on the role of Media officer for a 3 month period initially
Use of a regular radio slot for a windsurfing forecast in the region was discussed and thought to not
be a good/productive use of resources as most people utilise online resources such as, and Brian smith commented that he used to do it a long time ago
and said it required a big commitment on the part of the person designated to report each day
Club treasurer Des Cowley presented the FY 09/10 accounts, and accepted. The club finished the year
with money in the bank, due to well attended events run during the year, memberships and good
sponsorships for the events
FY09/10 membership approx 42 members, currently 17 members paid up for FY10/11
Agreed that members should have small club promotional flyers in their cars to distribute at the
beaches on windy days
Greg Olver will speak to a contact of his about printing flyers but needs a graphic designer to create
them; Jane Henderson may be able to assist with the design
It was suggested and agreed that the prize giving/party for the NZ Freestyle Nationals in October
should double as the start of season party
3 people are confirmed for the Great Barrier event, a number of people have withdrawn due to safety
concerns and to allow a better ratio of sailors to support boat(s). It was confirmed that this was not
an AWA or WNZ initiative
Anton reported on WNZ initiatives. Free membership and sail numbers, Sparc and YNZ related work
and event safety work
Armando Morles has resigned from the Race Committee
The AWA committee were re-elected as follows
o President – Daniel Thomas
o Vice President – Anton Blijlevens
o Treasurer – Des Cowley
o Secretary – Alistair Holt
o Race Committee – Tim Woods, Jim Rodgers, Dave Harnett, Trent Cornwall
It was suggested that event notifications for entrants via txt message would be useful and a pre-paid
cellphone will be investigated
Event updates will be handled by the event organisation i.e. posting on, email
notifications, txt notifications etc.
AWA T-shirts or caps were suggested but requires further investigation – Jim Rodgers has arranged
these for other events and will advise
General concern that some organisations such as this achieve nothing from year to year and we need
to concentrate on delivering on some of the things discussed
Greg Olver will investigate the possibility of creating AWA/WNZ stickers for cars/gear
A subs due notification should be added to the website for the new FY

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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