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Auckland Windsurfing Assn. concerned at removal the Takapuna Beach Camp and impact of wharf and ferry terminal proposals

by: Anton Blijlevens, AWA

Des, Paul and I have just attended a council meeting (Takapuna board) about a proposal to remove the Takapuna camp ground.

At the same meeting, the Takapuna wharf and ferry terminal proposal was raised. It seems likely that the proposal will be advanced in regional plan that will move forward shortly.

I understand that the plan will require studies to be undertaken and consultation with interested groups.

At this stage the AWA is taking the position that a wharf could compromise our windsurfing environment and that a ferry service will pose significant safety concerns.

A local resident presented a petition at the meeting with a primary focus on saving the campground but also being against the wharf initiative. The AWA got a mention during his presentation as another interest group that will want to be consulted during the regional plan phase.

So at this stage the AWA will keep the finger on the pulse. A petition will be created shortly in support of our position so that when the time comes, we can hit the ground running.

If anyone is aware of any other interest groups that may be on the same side of the fence as the AWA, please let me know. Not sure if there is a surfers association, of SUP association. The State Beach Series organisers perhaps ?

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