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2017 NZ Boardstore Slalom Windsurfing Nationals results

Well..... after some time to recover, here is our report on the 2017 NZ Boardstore Slalom Windsurfing Nationals:
41 competitors in total all started arriving on the Monday before the start of the event. We had 9 storage containers dotted around our clubrooms that are situated right on the shore front of our beautiful harbour and two neighboring buildings were loaned to us for extra room for the prize giving, Skippers meetings finish line result taking and even accommodation for those that wanted to stay onsite. $20 per night per person was a great deal thanks to the Otago Rowing Club. So because we had these buildings it meant we had plenty of rigging space for all on the surrounding grassy land.
On the night before the event we had a good number of competitors all go out for dinner to Paasha Restaurant a local Turkish establishment, this set the tone for the rest of the event and we went to other exotic locations like The Asian Restaurant and then Del Sol our local Mexican restaurant. As a keen racer I looked around each night to see who was taking the staunch 'no alcohol' line..... I couldn't find anyone in that criteria especially not myself!
Day one of racing and we soon realized that this event was open to anyone to win. Racing was extremely tight with 6 of the Open Men all on equal points after 5 rounds by the end of the day.
The Juniors were competing amidst their respective Open sections, and initially the junior ladies were a little tentative about being in the Open Women's class but this feeling soon abated after the first few races, when they quickly realized they could hack the pace, and hack it well they did!
Fenella Bowater signaled her intent straight away showing Annie Crombie that she wasn't going to be a pushover! With that came some results that I think even Fenella was surprised with.
The silver fleet initially looked like new comer to racing Pete Kennedy would take it out easily, but over the course of the event the salty old sea dog Bernard Carey with his usual consistency and cheekiness managed to edge his way forward until he eventually took the lead and the overall win.
From my point of view, racing in the open men's fleet and the Grand Masters class, I was extremely happy to see the junior men putting a lot of pressure on the more experienced Open Men sailors. In fact during the first day I was cheering and shouting as I was crossing the finish line out of excitement for those young fellas that were in front of me.... during the course of the event this did get somewhat annoying as Alex Hart and Thomas O'Neil continued to make my results event worse than I had predicted, but for the good of the sport this signaled the inevitable hand over to the young fellas coming through the ranks that should always be happening in any sport, so I had mixed feelings, being beaten by the grommets and seeing that our sport is alive and well made me want to clap and slap myself, ha ha.
By Dunedin standards I was a little disappointed with the wind conditions, because there seemed to always be a westerly flow hanging around in the background trying to upset our usually consistent nor east winds. This caused the wind to be quite gusty and at times very hard to make the right sail choice but then I was reminded by Jack Holliday that 3 out of 4 days racing was a very good result! I guess I was just not used to racing in a 13 - 27 knot variable.
I have to make mention of four special people that turned up to this event; Derryn Arthur from Australia who raced in the Open Women and Veteran Women fleets. She had a blast and I think now realizes that the caliber of women's windsurfing in New Zealand is very high, she learned a lot about racing and we really would like to see her back again next year as I know she will be a force to be recommend with. Dave MacInnes and Aaron White... wow! What a blast from the past! They really showed us that even though your gear might not be the latest and greatest you can still be right up there in the mix with the big boys! Watch out next year and other events as these boys left our event with updated equipment! Dave MacInnes won the NZ Boardstore prize of the full carbon race boom and I know there was some pretty cheap gear being traded amongst sailers as they didn't want to have to travel with their gear. Gareth Wood who placed 3rd overall on all but one sail being free ride equipment! Showing us all, not only the talent that he carries, but that you can have a lot of fun racing on gear that is not nearly as expensive as full on race gear.
Which brings me to Peter and Maile John.... all the way from Maui, Hawaii to a climate a little less desirable than what they are used too! I know they were impressed by the event and with the help of his traveling cheer leader, Peter took out the event showing his superior class especially on the third day of racing.
So the results:-
Open Men
1st - Peter John - Fanatic/North
2nd - Jack Holliday - Team 10
3rd - Gareth Wood - Fanatic Blast/Tushingham
4th - Dan Meehan - Carbon Art/Maui Sails
5th - Terry Beentjes - Carbon Art/Maui Sails
6th - Chris Dimock
7th - Dave MacInnes
8th - Angus Butterfield
9th - Luke Holliday
10th - Gavin Jackson
11th - Jon Cameron
12th - Max Van Der Zalm
13th - Paul Vlietstra
14th - Simon Hall
15th - Thomas O'Neil
16th - Graeme Evans
17th - Glen Taylor
18th - Alan Taylor
19th - Aki Shimizu
20th - Ben Davie
21st - Chris Bolt
22nd - Shayne Cross
23rd - Josh Dalley
24th - Brian Smith
25th - Harry Reed (injury)
Open Women
1st - Annie Crombie - Carbon Art/Various
2nd - Fenella Bowater - JP/various
3rd - Sue Bradly - Carbon Art/various
4th - Lynn Donaldson
5th - Meg Rennie
6th - Derryn Arthur
Junior Male
1st - Max Van Der Zalm
2nd - Thomas O'Neil
3rd - Josh Dalley
Junior Female
1st - Fenella Bowater
2nd - Meg Rennie
Silver Fleet
1st - Bernard Carey
2nd - Pete Kennedy
3rd - Greg Bowater
4th - Nigel Robinson
5th - Keith Stark
6th - Chris Garvan
7th - Tom Cowan
8th - Barbara Vlietstra
9th - John Holgate
:Prize Money:
$500 to both to 1st Open Women and Open Men
$250 to both 2nd Open Women and Open Men
$100 to both 3rd Open Women and Open Men
$100 to 1st Silver Fleet
$300 to 1st Male and Female Junior
$200 to 2nd Male and Female Junior
$100 to 3rd Make Junior
NZ Boardstore - Principle sponsor
Groundswell Sports - Juniors Sponsor
Watercooled Sports
Lund South Construction

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