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2013 Womens Camp at Lake Clearwater,

Well the wind may not have blown much.. but that didn't stop the women who attended the annual womens camp at Clearwater, near Christchurch from having fun.

On Friday night a couple of the early arrivals ventured out on their long boards and had a relaxing unwind from the trip. Then on Saturday
we were met by a hot calm day... plenty of time for catch ups.

Paddleboards came to the rescue and that and a hiking trip prevented the girls from getting into the party spirits too early in the evening.. but then as usual nothing could hold them back. No games with toilet rolls and broomsticks this year, but the usual smorgasboard of heaps of yummy food and lots of belly laughs. There was enough food to feed the entire camp.. but of course being the ladies, the sweet treats were the special feature. Lynne Donaldson was belatedly presented the Womens Trophy from the New Years Aviemore Classic Summer Bash event. Presented by a strangely bespectacled lady!

We woke to a very chilly morning on Sun...The thermometer was set outside as a tester.. 13degrees.. yuk, so the coffee pot was put back on. But later the sun did emerge from behind the fog though the lake was looking like glass. Then in a weird repeat from 2 years previous all the Christchurch girls went home and then the wind came up, so the remaining 'out of towners', the two Sue's one from Queenstown and one from Auckland, were treated to a rather nice early evening session. Big sails but very pleasant, lots of gybing practice on these very short runs.

This is one not to be missed ladies, put it in your diary for next year. Around mid Feb. Its always great fun, whether the wind blows or not !

For more details contact ,Organiser; Rachel Low 0272365490

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