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2011 Auckland Freestyle Champs - results and report

It was a great day for the 2011 Auckland Freestyle Champs. Due to the forecast we decided to run this years event as a Freestyle/Wave comp and we certainly weren't disappointed. 25-30 Knots NE at Takapuna with a decent swell rolling in. 12 competitors in total incl Tim and Eric who came all the way up from Wellington. Good effort boys!

Great to see that nearly half of the fleet were juniors 18 years and under. The youngest competitor, Maija at only 11 years of age showed everyone that she is determined to get to the top over the next couple of years. So watch out everyone!

We managed to run a total of 5 heats just after the tide started to run out and the waves got a bit cleaner and nicer. First 3 rounds were 20 min and the winners and losers final where 15 min heats each.

The judges scored wave and freestyle manoeuvres 50/50 so everyone could make the most out of the conditions today. Close to the boat ramp the water was smooth enough to see some great freestyle action to impress the judges but also the hardcore spectators. Jumping was a bit hard today with the wind angle but we still saw some forwards, backwards and obviously some good crashes too.

Big smiles from all competitors allround despite the pouring rain that just wouldn't stop. After the comp we had sausages and beer in the back Thomas' van as a warm up and most sailors headed straight back out for some free sailing to make the most of the day.

A big thanks to all the helpers again, esp Thomas, Tim and Merylin for getting absolutely soaked operating the flags and the judging.

And a big thanks to the sponsors GAASTRA TABOU VANDAL and the AWA

Here are the results for the 2011 Auckland Freestyle Champs:

Open Men 1. Jebbe Unthank 2. Tim Haxel 3. Dan Thomas 4. Eric Torvelainen 5. Anton Blijlevens 6. Alexander Stroh

Open Woman 1. Jill Cooper

Junior 1. Lawrence Carey 2. Sam Thomas 3. Peter Kohut 4. Maiya Holton

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