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2010 RS:X & Techno 293 European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships - NZ lying 4th

Argentina and Italy are on equal points in the lead at the RS:X European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships at the end of the second day in Mondello, Sicily. Over in the Techno 293 championships it is the unbeaten French Team who are dominating the competition. These champinships are part of the 25th edition of the World Festival on The Beach.

The first round robin was completed today in a good breeze that was rarely stable for very long. The Race Committee decided to take advantage of the breeze and started the second round robin but at night fall it remained incomplete hence the provisional results.

In the RS: X European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships, the Italian team of Esposito, Baglione, Misuraca and Sorbello had an excellent day finishing on top of the leader board with the Argentine team of Mariano Reutemann, Martin Berardo and Jazmin Lopez Becker who beat them in the second round to complete a clean sweep of four matches won.

The Polish team, who are the reigning European Windsurfing Team Racing Champions lie in third with France and New Zealand still to race their second round matches.

Over in the Techno 293 European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships which is being staged this year for the first time, it is the French Team of Maxime Labat, Albert Chailot and Clidame Humeau who are dominating proceedings with a score of 9\9.

are the new leaders of classify temporary to full score, after to have threaded other four successes on as many challenges. Team Italy consisting of Fanciulli, Benedetti and Caboni have seven victories out of nine will come across Team GBR made up of the two Sills sister and Max Bushell.

4th is Team Russia with three wins who will face off Team Spain tomorrow whose aim must be to climb off the bottom of the leader board leaving Team Hungary to occupy the spot all alone.

The program for tomrrow will complete the round robin phase before moving on to the semis and the finals.

Provisional Results
1. Italy 6 \ 9 (Federico Esposito, Manfredi Misuraca, Marco Baglione, Federica Sorbello)
2. Argentina 6 \ 9 (Mariano Reutrmann, Martin Berardo, Jazmin Lopez Becker )
3. Poland 5 \ 9 (Maksimiliam Wojck, Lukasz Grodzicki, Hanna Idziak)
4. New Zealand 4 \ 9 (Jean Paul Tobin, Richard Ellis, Natalia Kosinska)
5. France 4 \ 9 (Pierre Noesmoen, Marc Noesmoen, Noemi Gilicze)
6. Hungary 2 \ 9 (Istv'an Erdelyi, A'ron Gadorfalyi, Diana Detre)

Provisional Results
Techno 293
1. France 9 \ 9 (Humeau Clidame, Labat Maxime, Chaillot Albert)
2. Italy 7 \ 9 (Daniele Benedetti, Mattia Camboni, Veronica Fanciulli)
3. Great Britain 6 \ 9 (Max Bushell, Imogen Sills, Saskia Sills)
4. Russia 3 \ 9 (Eugeny Ayvazyan, Andrey Zagaynov, Stefaniya Elfutina)
5. Spain 1 \ 9 (Alejandro Simo Vesperinas, Joan Sindreu Riba, Elena Pares Paramo)
6. Hungary 1 \ 9 (Niks Andras, Bartha Tamas, Chiara Sottosanti)

2010 RS:X European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships
2010 Techno 293 European Windsurfing Team Racing Championships



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