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The 2010 Men’s and Women’s RS:X World Championships are not far away

The 2010 Men’s and Women’s RS:X World Championships are not far away, running from August 27th to September 5th in Kerteminde, Denmark.Kiwis on the current entry list include... Tom Ashley, Antonio Cozzolino and Jon-Paul Tobin in the Men’s event, and in the Women’s... Natalia Kosinska, Jazmine Lynch, Stefanie Williams and Alice Monk

Best performed of the NZL Sailing Team in Weymouth was Jon-Paul Tobin who is now looking forward to the Worlds in Denmark. He answered a couple of questions for us earlier this week...

Q. Are you happy with your form after Sail for Gold?
JP. I was on antibiotics the last 3 days of competition so had to take it carefully, Sail for Gold was purely a chance to check in, training has been going well so now with a few finishing touches we will be ready to go.

Q. Are you familiar with Kerteminde? And if so, what do you expect from the venue?
JP. Reasonably familiar having spent two weeks there already - two cafes and 12 places to get a haircut. Very, very expensive – NZ$8 for a cup of coffee. I trained in almost every wind direction during my two weeks there - so a very interesting venue that will potentially provide a bit of everything.

NZL Sailing Team women’s board sailor Kate Ellingham made the tough decision not to compete in Weymouth’s Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta due to a back injury, but she will be in the line-up at the up-coming Worlds.

“I’ve now been back on the water five weeks after a ten week break. Initially my back gave me a fair amount of grief but I feel I’m through the worst of it now, so I look forward to a week of training then getting into some tough competition in Kerteminde,” says Ellingham.

“The plan is to go at least one better than 11th last year, achieve a top ten position over all and mix it up at the top in individual races. I haven't had much time to prepare but with good starts and sailing smart I think I have a pretty good chance at doing this.”

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