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Windsurfing New Zealand appeal for Earthquake Affected Windsurfers

There are many windsurfers that have lost their entire homes, business's and tragically even some that have lost their loved ones.
We have set up a bank account that windsurfers from around the world can deposit their donations.

Bank Name - ANZ National Bank Ltd
Account Name - Earth Quake Affected Windsurfers
Account Number - 06-0901-0629957-00
Swift Code for International Deposits – ANZBNZ22

This unique book is being auctioned by Windsurfing NZ to raise funds in support of the Canterbury windsurfers who have suffered in the earthquakes.

The book has been donated by Neil Pryde and has a personal message from Neil.

" Be strong Christchurch. Our thoughts are with you. Look to the future, the wind will still blow! Neil"

Once donations have stopped we will distribute the funds appropriately after discussing the needs with the Canterbury Windsurfing Association. We will then notify everyone of the total amount achieved and the use it has been put to.

Thank you all in advance for your support and kindness in this very tough time for Christchurch Windsurfers.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact

Pictures from the quake - Steve & Adrienne had only just returned from the National Slalom event in Dunedin, as had many others from Christchurch.

Steve & Adrienne's devastated home

Message From Steve & Adrienne - we are humbled. as a group in chch, the windsurfers can decide on how to best use the funds as a group.
Lucky for us, we and our family are all safe. if it was a 0400h quake we would've been flattened dead in our bed.
All our furniture and contents of the house destroyed, but surprisingly, all our toys ( windsurfers, road & mtn bikes and skis) are unscathed in the basement. hmmm, maybe the bedroom should have been in the basement. maybe we have been sent a message to head off to Maui or Hood River??

Outside the Groundswell Windsurfing Shop (Alan & Nic Taylor) in Chch

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