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Work for Windsurfing NZ - marketing/sponsorship/fundraising role

WNZ has a number of projects which require funding, mainly linked to promoting the sport and introducing it as a great life-long activity. We are keen to get someone on-board to focus on raising funds for these projects, and will look at any proposal offered. Contact us for further information.

New youth windsurfing website launched

Are you a kid or parent looking for more information about youth windsurfing in New Zealand? This is the website for you. Here you can find out about:Schools and clubs, competition pathways, where to buy windsurfing equipment, fun windsurfing events and competitions and how you can have your say...

Project Windsurf-UK - another model for New Zealand Windsurfing to follow

Project Windsurf-UK was officially launched as an RYA initiative at the National Windsurfing Festival. Publicity will now start to go out and they would encourage everyone to help spread the word... Their aim is to get groups and individuals to sign up, for individuals to then join a local group (or start one if one doesn't exist) - and the most important translate online chat into on-water windsurfing action! They'd like to see more people going windsurfing more often, and make their windsurfing experience more social by joining up with a local group. Online tools include a to visit the virtual bar in the forum to introduce yourself and order your free drink!

Last Paradise now screening around New Zealand - includes early NZ windsurfing

An ECO-ADVENTURE film, 45 years in the making.
In the beautiful wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids had a dream that would change the world. In 45 years of stunning original footage we experience first-hand the adventures of early adrenaline seekers and join them on the roads less travelled to discover the world's secret paradises.

Elephant windsurfs Oriental Parade, Wellington

Onlookers beheld a life-sized elephant being towed by a dinghy around Wellington's harbour this morning. The stunt was organised by a company looking to promote their website, and involved a hand-crafted elephant sitting atop two 13-foot windsurfing boards. Picture ...>

Windsurfer travels 553 km in 25 hours

THEY say you can achieve a lot in 24 hours, but only Craig Hollins can claim to have windsurfed more than 500 kilometres in a single day. The Wonthaggi windsurfer was on his board from 6.30am on Tuesday until 7.30am on Wednesday as he set the world record for distance over 24 hours. In total, he travelled 553 kilometres in 25 hours.

Celebrating Kiwis making a difference

All around New Zealand there’s a special breed of Kiwi, going the extra mile, overcoming obstacles and achieving results – not for themselves, but for their communities. We call them Kiwi Battlers, and we want to reward New Zealand’s best – the Kiwis working the hardest and having the most positive impact on the lives of the people around them.

The archive - stories and other things from the past ...

These are stories and other materials from the past which are worth preserving and retelling. I will add to this section as material comes to hand, but feel free to send us anything that you think is of value or interest.

Get your story published

Get your story out there. Write up your event and send it to one or more of the following (always send it to Windsurfing NZ), or ask us to send it on - your stories will help get recognition for your club, your event and your sport - and encourage new members.

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