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August/September Windsurfing NZ newsletter now available

Make sure you are up to date with windsurfing in NZ. Upcoming events, travel stories, new gear, second hand ...
Windsurfing NZ news August/September 2014

James Court & Tim Haxell score 4 pages in Windsurfer International with story and pictures about Windies, Cape Palliser

... On coming 'round the corner we were greeted by a very clean barrelling right hander on a reef just off the local Golf course. It was barrelling top to bottom for a couple of hundred metres off the fourth tee. The first things that popped into my head were "holy crap" quickly followed by "is it sailable?"...

Windsurfing Tricktionary - iPhone App

Download our Tricktionary iPhone app and have all the windsurfing moves you ever want to learn with you!
Analyze each step by zooming in, view the video a couple of times to understand the movement and go on the water RIGHT NOW!! And the best: The Windsurfing TrickApp is available to download FOR FREE! (Only some content is free, advanced modules are $9.95 each: Ed)
- Preview DEMO moves in all packages - watch out for the DEMO badge!!
- Great quality pictures
- High resolution photosequences to understand even most complex movements
- Video feature for every move
- Famous Tricktionary tips, problems and solutions
- Pre-exercises for each move directly accessible
- Favorites list

The archive - stories and other things from the past ...

These are stories and other materials from the past which are worth preserving and retelling. I will add to this section as material comes to hand, but feel free to send us anything that you think is of value or interest.

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