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Crowdfunded windsurfing film set in Morrocco is looking for your backing, and there are benefits.

Journey across the Ocean! Land., a Sundance Lab project, is a fiction feature film about the epic Atlantic adventure of a young Moroccan windsurfer. There are various rewards for funding from $5 upwards ...

The World Premiere of The Windsurfing Movie II

From the winners of The X-Dance Film Festival 'Best Director' and 'Best Soundtrack' awards, Poor Boyz Productions is proud to announce that The World Premiere of The Windsurfing Movie II. Filmed in 8 countries, The Windsurfing Movie II is much more than just an action clip reel; its an emotional ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get some pay-back from your Go-Pro windsurfing video footage: Americas Cup video competition

The America’s Cup Video Competition invites all persons less than 28 years of age to submit a unique video clip demonstrating creative production techniques. The competition winner, as chosen by a panel of extreme sports and social media leaders, will get to choose from prizes that include a top of the range Apple MacBook Pro, installed with the latest video editing software, to a high-end, HD video camera.

Download a free windsurfing DVD

Committed – Marcilio ”Brawzihno” Browne, 40 minutes of windsurfaction. DVD quality. FREE.

Windsurf Safe CDROM video clips

Video clips from the CDROM 'Windsurf Safe' produced by Windsurfing New Zealand. This CDROM contains other material and is available to institutions on request. Note that contact details may be out of date.

Windsurfing New Zealand recognised windsurfing schools and instructors

Windsurfing New Zealand trains windsurfing instructors, publishes guidelines and standards for windsurfing schools, and operates a certification scheme.

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