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2012 New Zealand Wave Nationals report - Carbon Art & Rodgers Dental

A gloriously sunny day, a light SE breeze, and clean and glassy mast high waves – there could not have been a better setting for the 2012 NZ Nationals (and this was with a forecast that constantly deteriorated over the preceding week!).

2012 Carbonart Rodgers Dental Windsurfing New Zealand Wave Nationals results

1st Ferran Crespo
2nd Paul Barron
3rd James Dinnis
4th Paul Hunt
more ...

New Zealand Wavesailing Nationals 2012

Fri 6 Apr 2012 - Mon 9 Apr 2012

brought to you by Carbon Art & Rodgers Dental Studio & Windsurfing NZ
Easter Weekend 6th-9th April 2012

The Taranaki Windsurf Club, with the help of Carbon Art, Rodgers Dental and Windsurfing NZ, announces the 2012 New Zealand Wave Nationals.

The 2012 Wavesailing Nationals will be held in Taranaki during the Easter long weekend from the 6th - 9th of April.
The event is a national-ranking, man-on-man wave sailing contest run on the Taranaki coast. Seven different coastal locations will serve as the venue and the outcome will be the crowning of a New Zealand Wave Champion.

Taranaki Windsurf Club BBQ

Quick Heads up - Taranaki Windsurf Club BBQ on Sunday at Pungarahu - Wind, Waves and Weather dependent. Will confirm closer to the time.

Taranaki Wave Classic 2011 - update

If you’ve entered this year’s Taranaki Wave Classic you’ll be pleased to know that over the past month Taranaki’s wind and wave gods have been delivering the goods, with the locals enjoying great sessions at all their favourite spots, including some classic Waitara and Pungarehu action. Yep – you heard it right – Pungas is back online for the new season, complete with solid swell and the occasional orca coasting by. We’ve even had a few Aucklanders do the hell day mission down here to score some great Waitara conditions and get in some sneaky pre-TWC practice!

Life's a breeze - windsurf into summer

Sat 22 Oct 2011 - Sun 30 Oct 2011
New Zealand wide

The winds are stronger, the days are longer so its time to get that windsurfer thats been lurking in your garage out. Check everything is still working and safe, and get back onto the water.

Starting with the Taranaki Wavesailing Classic, one of New Zealands biggest and most social event on the windsurfing calendar, this week will feature a number of activities around the country to mark the start of the 'windsurfing season'.

Taranaki Wave Classic 2011

Fri 21 Oct 2011 - Mon 24 Oct 2011

The Taranaki Wave Classic is continuing to cement its reputation as New Zealand's premier windsurfing event. Held at four possible locations around the Taranaki peninsula’s legendary coastline, the Labour weekend event will sample some of New Zealand's best wind and wave conditions. All skill levels are welcome, with FUN being the main focus, or you can simply come along, chill-out and watch the action. Our goal is for you to have the best time possible, both on and off the water. This means the most epic BBQs, beers, tall stories and sessions in the wind and waves. And to cap a great weekend off this is all followed up by the legendary TWC dinner and party. And who knows, this year maybe your turn to win a state of the art Carbonart Windsurf Board, as well as sails, masts, booms and other wonderful prizes.

Windsurfer rescued off Waitara

A Venezuelan windsurfer battled strong currents and wind for hours after getting into trouble off Waitara on Saturday.

"After two hours of trying to do a water start I was exhausted," Josue Hernandez said soon after his rescue at the hands of a local jet skier.

"The current was stronger than me and I was exhausted," the 25-year-old, who has lived in New Plymouth for the past nine months, said.

His windsurfer was left behind and was last seen drifting north along the rugged coastline.

2011 Wave Nationals - we have a winner!

2011 wave nationals congrats to winner Paul Barron - A Great few days sailing in pumping condition. The Two Pauls were the stand outs of the event. Paul B was super smooth and Paul H was super unlucky breaking three sails at the wrong times.

2011 New Zealand Wave Sailing Nationals

Fri 22 Apr 2011 - Mon 25 Apr 2011

The Taranaki Windsurf Club with the help of Carbon Art and Rodgers Dental announce the 2011 New Zealand Wave Nationals
The event is a national-ranking Man-on-Man wave sailing contest run on the Taranaki coast. Seven different coastal locations will serve as the venue and the outcome will be the crowning of a New Zealand wave champion.

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