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The archive - stories and other things from the past ...

These are stories and other materials from the past which are worth preserving and retelling. I will add to this section as material comes to hand, but feel free to send us anything that you think is of value or interest.

Ken Kingsbury - windsurfer and innovator, still going strong

Ken Kingsbury, former Rotorua windsurfing school operator, WNZ Chief Instructor and inventor of the ZUD (Zero Unecessary Deflection) windsurfer, KIWISI windsurfing simulator and the Grasshopper land windsurfing board - and probably many other things, is still active in Rarotonga where he went to set up a windsurfing school and has continued to innovate. A recent email from Ken describes his latest invention, the Terddlecat. Read on ...

New Zealands young sailors

New Zealand has a strong sailing heritage (Australians say it's because we're too cheap to fly anywhere). We have a strong youth contingent who go on to feature prominently in the sailing world (look at the last Americas Cup, and the Volvo racing). Windsurfing is no exception, sailing is one of NZs strongest Olympic sports and the young sailors have some great role models to follow.

High profile New Zealand windsurfers

Not far below our most successful windsurfers are a group who have achieved local fame and success, and have sometimes even achieved world champion status.

The Enthusiasts

The rest. The ones who just love to sail but will never win a medal, who celebrate a completed carve gybe and fantasize about pulling off a loop ...

This section will profile other people involved in the sport, the members of Windsurfing NZ, the local organisers, the characters, shop owners, instructors and others who typify the fact that windsurfing is not an elite sport but an activity for all ages and abilities.

Clayton Dougan

Favorite discipline? Waves

New Zealand Windsurfing Profiles

Kiwis have been prominent on the world windsurfing scene since the sport was invented, it's been our most successful sailing sport at the Olympics, and we have an impressive list of world champions in various disciplines. This section will profile many of these sailors. If you think anyone is missing, have any additional information, or any corrections please contact us here

History of Windsurfing - Early Development (NZ)

(extract from the NZWA Instructors Handbook)

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