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Stolen windsurfing gear - please keep a watch for ...

Hi all, My van was broken into last night in Mount Victoria (Wellington)... They stole all my and my girlfriends windsurfing gear. Here is a list of what they stole.

- Tabou Da Curve 85 2011 (orange)
- Naish Wave 87 2011
- Drops Re Stubby 110 2008 (white in a red bag)
- Gaastra Manic 2014 4.0 (orange and blue), 4.5 (orange and blue), 5.3 (purple and green)
- Gun Sails Steel 2012 4.0 Blue and red
- Vandal Enemy 2013 5.3 Black and dark blue
- Loft Sails Lip Wave 2011 4.7 Green and Black
- 400 RDM Mast gun sails - 370 RDM Mast amex
- Gaastra V-Grip 1500-200 boom White and blue


My name is Dave Richards and last night my BLUE van was stolen in Wellington taken for a joy ride then all my windsurfing equipment was cleaned out. Please can you keep you ears to the ground for; Fanatic skate 90l 2011/2012 model (A small white patch job from a ding front left of the mast track. The back has been rebuilt and therefore does not have the CAD/CAM logo on the back, design and colours close but not Authentic. (click through for more details)

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