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Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010 In Namibia

Since its inception the Luderitz Speed Sailing Challenge has been breaking records, however, the 2010 Lüderitz Speed Challenge will be the first event in the history of speed sailing to include the three different sailing disciplines - Boat, Windsurf and Kitesurfing.

Spring edition of kite mag out soon

Next mag is at the printers. Let us know if you have moved since July. Also let us know if you would prefer to receive a digital version and we’ll send you that instead. All the best and hope you enjoy our next mag.

Wanakite Snowkite Freeride - only a week to go!

Just over a week away we have the annual 'Wanakite Snowkite Freeride' with the biggest contingent of riders from all over New Zealand
coming for this years freeride event! Based at Snowfarm in the Cardrona Valley the Wanakite will run from the 28th August right through to the 5th Sept.

The fine line between adventure and misadventure‏ - Louis Tapper journey contd.

If you were getting bored with the daily updates of waiting for wind, eating good food and drinking beer on the beach, then today’s adventure, or misadventure might just peak your interest again. The incident today was potentially the most dangerous situation in my 3.5 years of kitesurfing. I don’t need a reminder that there is a fine line between adventure and misadventure and fortunately today I stayed on the right side of that line.

Louis Tapper's 2000km kite voyage is underway

Kite boarder Louis Tapper has begun his attempt to kite 2000km around the coast of Brazil.
Check out his daily reports

CWA - Kiteboard Champs

Sat 29 Jan 2011 - Sun 30 Jan 2011


Kiwi kitesurfer in world-record attempt

When Louis Tapper sets out to kitesurf a record-breaking 2000 kilometres along the coast of Brazil, he knows achieving his goal could ultimately be beyond his control. The Wellington adventurer, who works as a banker, left for Brazil last night kitted out with a new kiteboard and a feeling of excitement tinged with trepidation.

CWA - 2010 WANAKITE Snowkite Freeride

Sat 28 Aug 2010 - Sun 5 Sep 2010
Snowfarm - Wanaka

Celebrating 10 seasons of snowkiting in New Zealand...come join in the fun & Snowkite Wanaka's Cardrona & Pisa Ranges... This year the Snowfarm Lodge is pulling out all the stops & putting us up:-)

Booking Accomodation at Snowfarm Lodge
Contact Steve: or phone Steve:021 228 2644

CWA - Yoda Wave Classic

Sat 27 Nov 2010


CWA - Womens Kiteboard & Social

Wed 24 Nov 2010


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