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ISAF Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee Agenda - Olympic decision revisited

The Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee will meet on Sunday 4 November 2012 at the Royal St George Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland to consider a large number of submissions on the earlier selection of kiteboarding over windsurfing for Rio 2016. The submissions themselves make interesting reading (see below) as they are more considered (less emotive) than the discussions that have been taking place in the media, including social media.

YNZ discussion around Kiteboard racing in NZ

Wed 16 May 2012
YNZ Offices, Auckland

Are you interested in Kiteboard Racing?
Everybody who has an interest in kiteboard racing is invited to YNZ’s offices on 16th May at 7pm for a discussion around the implementation of Kiteboard racing in NZ.
As you are mostly all aware the Kiteboard has been given the vote to be included in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
This is a decision that has come as a bit of a surprise and we need to get organised in NZ as soon as possible.
Whilst this decision has presented a few challenges it also provides a great opportunity to organise racing across

Windsurfing community could fight the ISAF decision in November - support is accelerating

It would take a two thirds majority at ISAF’s annual general meeting in November to overturn the decision taken on a 19-17 vote by the ISAF council, but the windsurfing community appears to shaping up to fight the decision. Sailing is already doing everything it can to avoid being dropped from the Olympics, aware that it is the second most expensive sport to stage – equestrian is even more expensive – and that the entertainment, even cabaret, aspirations of the International Olympic Committee continue. On the one hand it (kiteboarding) should allow new nations to play catch-up in a game where the racing side is still rather underdeveloped worldwide. On the other, it trashes a lot of “pathway” programmes to bring windsurfer youth squads through, still has questions over exactly what equipment and race formats will be used, and leaves the RSX class of windsurfer, which was developed at ISAF’s request specifically for the Olympics, rather in the wilderness.

ISAF Olympic Committee drops windsurfing in favour of kiteboarding

In a shock announcement ISAF has decided to drop windsurfing from Olympics in 2016 in a vote of 19 to 17. This was in contradiction to the recommendations of the earlier meeting which recommended that both sports were worth keeping, that the ISAF should ask for an extra set of medals for kiteboarding, but if that was not possible then windsurfing be retained as the Olympic class and kiteboarding including as a demonstration sport.

ISAF Events Committee consideration of windsurfing and kiteboarding at the Olympics 2016

Vote 1 - The Events Committee vote to include Kite in the ISAF family of events
Vote 2 - The Events Committee vote to recommend to the Council that the ISAF ask the IOC to get another set of medals for kite as a new discipline and therefore defer the final decision on the boards until November
Vote 3 - The Events Committee vote, that if the Council want to make a decision on the 2016 boards now, that the Events Committee recommendation is RS:X men and RS:X women be selected.

Southern Lakes Windriders Club - Kite adventure, slides, talk, social evening

Fri 30 Mar 2012


Kiteboarding trials at Santander for 2016 Olympics

Kiteboarding will be playing a crucial card in Santander, between 21st-25th March 2012, when a series of trials will run at the Prince Felipe High Performance Centre.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will evaluate the possibility of having kiteboarding in the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A specialist evaluation team from ISAF has been appointed to look at the format and event management implications, in order to improve the decisions about the inclusion of windsurfing/kiteboarding the in the Olympic sailing competition.

Neil Pryde - a brief history and opinions on kites at the Olympics

Will kites fly at the Olympics? - Sail World talk to Neil Pryde about his career, his company and the future of kites at the Olympics ...

Marahau - social week

Tue 17 Jan 2012 - Tue 24 Jan 2012
Marahau / Sandy Bay - Nelson

Marahau Outdoor Education Centre. Great spot for all sorts of activities on and off the water, very kid friendly as well. Dormitory and camping, good facilities. Check out for details. This is a private event so please contact Bruce ( if you are interested or want more information .Where is Marahau?

ISAF Annual Conference 2011 - Kiteboarding, RS-One

Kiteboarding trials will also be held early next year to evaluate the possible inclusion into the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition and future ISAF events. Kiteboarding development will continue to move along after Council voted in favour of including the discipline in the ISAF Learn to Sail Training Programme Document and to recognise National Kiteboard Training programmes through the ISAF Recognised Training accreditation inspections. Council approved the Equipment Committee recommendations to grant ISAF Class status to the RS:One subject to them signing the ISAF Class agreement and satisfactory building specification.

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