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Windsurfing New Zealand

Windsurf Safe CDROM video clips

Video clips from the CDROM 'Windsurf Safe' produced by Windsurfing New Zealand. This CDROM contains other material and is available to institutions on request. Note that contact details may be out of date.


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Windsurfing New Zealand

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Windsurfing New Zealand Membership (and renewal)

Its just $40 per year to become a member of Windsurfing New Zealand – that’s nothing compared to what you spend on gear!

But for this season if you join an affiliated club then membership is free, including sail numbers!

History of Windsurfing - Early Development (NZ)

(extract from the NZWA Instructors Handbook)

History of Windsurfing - Early Development (USA)

(extract from the NZWA Instructors Handbook)

The beauty of the sailboard as a yacht is undoubtedly its apparent simplicity. It did not just happen, rather it evolved through a working of ideas and had to be invented before it could even be designed.

Windsurfing New Zealand Constitution




"Act" means the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 as amended from time to time;

"Annual Financial Statement" means the Annual Financial Statement to be approved by the Members and delivered to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies under section 23 of the Act;

"Associate Member" means a member of the type referred to in Rule 4.5;

"Association" means the New Zealand Windsurfing Association Incorporated;

"Honorary Member" means a member of the type referred to Rule 4.4;

About Windsurfing New Zealand

Windsurfing New Zealand is a non-profit organisation set up to promote, organise and represent windsurfing at a national level. One of the WNZ's main functions is to provide a communication network for the windsurfing community. Information is gathered from around the country and from overseas, and distributed through newsletters and magazines. The National Racing Calendar, rules, and the National Register of sail numbers are also organised by the WNZ.

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Windsurfing NZ News March 2006

Members will have recieved their newsletter together with their complementary copy of Wind & Kite. The newsletter is also available online , just click for ...

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