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Windsurfing New Zealand

Rio 2016: It's Time To Bite The Bullet - windsurfing at the Olympics

The deadline for making submissions to the ISAF Mid Year Meeting in St.Petersburg, Russia is 1200hrs UTC on March 10th. The statistics show that there are 2.9 million windsurfers in Germany alone. Extrapolate that world wide and it's easy to come to the conclusion that there are more windsurfers on the planet that any other sort of sailor. The bad news is that there are supposedly serious and responsible people within ISAF who think that windsurfing and kiteboarding should be combined into one event as a biathlon. If this was not so serious, it would be laughable. Both the windsurfing and the kiteboarding communities are strongly against this idea. Small and emerging sailing nations will be quick to understand that this will double the cost of the 'boards' medal and exclude a lot of them because they either don't have a kitesurfer or a windsurfer worthy of a place in the Games.

Christchurch earthquake

Windsurfing NZ and the windsurfing community wishes all those affected by the earthquake our deepest sympathy and support. The strong friendships that exist within the community was well demonstrated at the Nationals in Dunedin, and our thoughts are with you all. I'm sure that accommodation will be found for anyone wishing to get themselves or their family away from the devastation.
Red Cross donations

Severne NZ Windsurfing Slalom Nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships final results

Dunedin's Gareth Wood held a clear six-point advantage over James Dinnis (Taranaki) and Rowan Law (Perth), to claim the national title, but as Wood was not racing the Formula 42 board, he did not qualify for the Oceania title. That title went to Law, from Paul Vliestra (Dunedin), second, and Terry Beentjes (Christchurch), third.

Severne NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships day 3 results

The results for day 3 are unremarkedly similar to day 2 as the wind failed to kick in sufficiently consistently enough to run any races. A fickle NE teased the sailors with everyone rigging big (7m - 8.5m) and their biggest boards. Although a number managed to make it onto the course and climb up to the start line the wind never consistently reached the bottom marks so after several delays and a southerly change which also failed to kick in strongly enough the plug was pulled on the days racing. A competition was held involving heaving the weights that the previous day were used to anchor rigs against the winds, followed by a BBQ. Saturday is the final day for racing, although Sunday is tagged as a backup day if the race committee decide another day is required to get a result. For those interested attached below is a plot of speed and heart-rate for a typical race ...

Severne NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships day 2 results - stronger winds test competitors

Day 2 saw stronger winds averaging probably around 20-25 knots and gusting 30 or more. In the morning round the winds were lighter and steadier making ideal conditions for 6-7m sailing and gybes were smooth. Later in the day the wind built (and built) until most were sailing 6m or less and some were down to the low 4m sails. The results changed accordingly as those sailors more used to the higher winds and difficult conditions started to move up the placings as completed gybes became more important than passing on the runs. Course map and results are attached below.

NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships day 1 results

Day1 got away well with 8 races completed in fresh conditions with most sailors on 6-7.5 m sails. The 50 competitors spent the day battling it out on Otago Harbour in a downwind slalom course just off shore opposite the Dunedin Windsurfing Club rooms (great spectator viewing). Winds built slightly during the day with many changing down a size later in the afternoon. Results are interim and unconfirmed so placings may change. Fortunes changed frequently as some of the favoured sailors posted good results initially and then dropped the ball on subsequent heats to keep the top sailors in each class close. Leaders after day 1 include Men - Gareth Wood, Masters - Terry Beentjes, Grand Masters - Tim Wood, Silver Fleet - George Cooper, Women - Annie Crombie and Youth - Laurence Carey. More wind and more racing expected today. Complete day 1 results are in the attached pdf.

NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships update

Hi everyone, not long now until the NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships, brought to you by Severene, Lunds Construction and Rodgers Dental. We have an excellent number of entries and the forecast is looking great - in fact it currently looks perfect!!
A couple of important notes...

Windsurfing NZ Presidents report and Financials for AGM 2011

Attached is a summary with comments of Windsurfing NZ activities over the past 12 months from my perspective. Also attached is the financial report to 31 Jan 2011 plus some commentary in relation to this. Please review these and provide feedback either by email or directly at the AGM in Christchurch. Any feedback related to windsurfing, Windsurfing NZ etc. will be appreciated even if its not covered in these documents. The report is also readable online.

Windsurfing NZ AGM

Sat 12 Feb 2011

Speights Ale House, Ferrymead. Lots to discuss, please contact us for copies of reports etc. which will be circulated beforehand.

Windsurfing schools meet WNZ standards to get Affiliation

Several windsurfing schools and instructors now meet the standards for equipment and operation set down by Windsurfing NZ. It is hoped that more schools will meet these standards in the future. This program of accreditation and affiliation could become critical in the near future as risk management requirements controlling 'adventure tourism' activities could have a huge regulatory and financial impact on schools. By taking responsibility for our own quality and risk now we may be able to avoid over regulation and prohibitive costs, as well as ensuring that customers get a high standard of tuition and a great experience.

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