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Windsurfing New Zealand

COVID-19 Responsibility - stay off the water

Windsurfing NZ recommends that all members refrain from windsurfing, windfoiling, wingfoiling, kitesurfing and kitefoiling while the COVID-19 Alert level is at 4.

The reasons are several:

Lead by example, if we take a stand we won't be encouraging (by example) other less responsible behaviour . i.e. a novice, or someone going out in a kayak etc. unprepared because they saw someone experienced windsurfing and thought it would be ok.

Don't waste police time - there is a lot of misunderstanding out there, so it's likely someone would ring 111 and report it. Being right and righteous doesn't help the police.

Coastguard have requested people to stay off the water, they will have to break isolation if anything happens, and 1 callout now is 1 too many.

Surf Life Saving NZ have also issued a call to stay out of the water.

Don't bring the sport into disrepute. 1 incident (any of the above) could make the national news and provoke a nasty backlash.

Windsurfing NZ AGM

Fri 5 Feb 2010
Watercooled Sports, Dunedin

This timed to coincide with the Slalom Nationals. It is hoped to last 2 hrs max. Please make an effort to attend. A lot of progress has been made this year and we'd like YOUR input to setting the plan for 2010/1.

Results 2020 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals

Final Results for the 2020 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals Held on Lyttelton Harbour.
Congratulations to Jack Holliday 1st Overall Men, Annie Crombie 1st Overall Women, Greg Bowater 1st Overall Silver Fleet.
Great support for this event from our Sponsors - Groundswell, House of Travel Merrivale, Bowater Builders.
Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers for yet another very successful event.
Congratulations to all the competitors for making this the best and most enjoyable event of the season.
Click through for results

Results (click to view full size)
Men Gold

Sail numbers - last minute application

So you are at off to the Nationals in Christchurch (which start on Thursday btw) and you haven't got your sail number sorted. Yes, you need a sail number, and you need to be a member of an affiliated windsurfing club to get one. Then you go to the sail number page, find a number that is free (just hover your mouse over the numbers) and then contact

Windsurfing New Zealand - Special General Meeting

Tue 26 Nov 2019
Online - details for video conferencing will be posted soon.

repost from Facebook group announcement.
Meeting Time: Tuesday the 26th of November, at 7 pm.
There will be a video call and a link posted for people to join. Details to come.
Points of Discussion:
Passing the 2018/2019 financial report.
Passing a change to the constitution over the AGM meeting times to make it more flexible.
Any other urgent business brought forward.

NEXTFINAL - NZ software designed for NZ events being piloted by NZ windsurfers

Windsurfing NZ members piloting NEXTFINAL
a software solution which makes sport competition events
easier to manage and more engaging to follow

The article is written by Andrew Konstantinov. He is a software engineer, when at work, and is a
windsurfer, when in the water.
First of all, I would like to say “Big Thank You” to Josh Dalley, Laurence Carey and Bruce Spedding
for providing the continuous feedback and sharing insights on how the ideal solution for

Windsurfing NZ 2019-2020 calendar

2019 AGM minutes and 2018 - 2019 financials

Note - no AGM minutes yet, so just the financials

WNZ Financials 2018-19

2020 New Zealand Windsurf Nationals

Wed 8 Jan 2020 - Sun 12 Jan 2020
Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch,

Organized by:
Canterbury Windsports Association Incorporated
In conjunction with
Naval Point Club, Lyttelton.
A New Zealand Windsurfing Association sanctioned event …
Download 2020 NZ Windsurfing Nationals Notice of Race

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