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Windsurfing New Zealand

New Zealand is at Covid-19 Alert level 1

Stay home if you’re sick
Staying at home if you’re sick is still the best thing you can do to stop any future spread of COVID-19.
Keep track of where you've been
Fast and effective contact tracing helps us to prevent any further spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand.
Practise good hygiene
Wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, clean surfaces

Check out the links below for details.

Windsurfing NZ AGM

Fri 5 Feb 2010
Watercooled Sports, Dunedin

This timed to coincide with the Slalom Nationals. It is hoped to last 2 hrs max. Please make an effort to attend. A lot of progress has been made this year and we'd like YOUR input to setting the plan for 2010/1.

Slalom Nationals 2021 Proposal

(Photo Richard Simmons)
Slalom Nationals 2021 on Lake Clearwater proposal - preliminary details and SURVEY
(note: This is reposted from the Windsurfing NZ Facebook page - to read comments and complete survey please go to - Read proposal here

Windsurfing at Alert Level 1

We are now at Alert Level 1. All recreational boating and water-based activities are permitted.
Your personal responsibilities remain. If you feel unwell stay at home.
Alert Level 1 — Prepare

The disease is contained in New Zealand.
Risk assessment
COVID-19 is uncontrolled overseas.
Isolated household transmission could be occurring in New Zealand.
Range of relevant measures that can be applied locally or nationally
No restrictions on personal movement but people are encouraged to maintain a record of where they have been.
No restrictions on gatherings but organisers encouraged to maintain records to enable contact tracing.
Stay home if you’re sick, report flu-like symptoms.
Wash and dry your hands, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face.
No restrictions on domestic transport — avoid public transport or travel if you're sick.
No restrictions on workplaces or services but they are encouraged to maintain records to enable contact tracing.

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) - it affects approximately 50% of women and 30% of female athletes (ie someone you know).

POP goes my pelvis! Active women dealing with Pelvic Organ Prolapse. It's probably that all of us know someone with this disabling condition
"Pelvic organ prolapse (POP). This condition is common. It affects approximately 50% of women and 30% of female athletes, some of whom haven’t even given birth. It remains under the radar, despite the impact it can have on daily life."
Currently seeking contributions in the form of stories by affected women and funding. For further information or to contribute, please email Anja Morris at
Pass this on to someone who may be interested in sharing their story or contributing financially - full article here

Windsurfing at Alert Level 2

We are now at Alert Level 2. All recreational boating and water-based activities are permitted.
Your personal responsibilities remain. If you feel unwell stay at home.
Physical Distancing - Participants should try to keep to the physical distancing as much as practicable.Cleaning and Hygiene Measures should be taken to minimise the sharing of equipment. However, for sports or activities where equipment must be shared ensure that all participants wash and dry their hands before and afterwards, and if possible clean and disinfect the equipment before and afterwards.Also exercise caution with common touch points (e.g. gates or doors) and wash or sanitise your hands after touching these surfaces.
Risky activities - High risk activities should only be completed within the confidence and skill level of the individual participating to continue to reduce the need for emergency services assistance.

Covid-19 Level 3

Auckland is at Alert Level 3, the rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2 - windsurfing is permitted
The important thing for the windsurfing community is that this represents an opportunity to be recognised as our own responsible sport - lets not blow it.
If you are challenged by anyone please be kind, don't argue, just invite them to contact SportNZ or Maritime NZ to verify your right to be on the water.

This is guidance only - refer to the links at the bottom for the official information

• Water-based activities are discouraged where they would expose participants to danger or require search and rescue services.
• Water-based activities involving boats or motorised craft or equipment, or scuba diving are not allowed.
• Remain within your current abilities and don’t pick up new activities.
• Some water activities are possible. We recommend you remain within close range of the shore (no more than 200m away). These activities would include: swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, windsurfing and paddle boarding but only when meeting the following guidance.
• You must: stay within your bubble, not share equipment, not gather with others (even with physical distancing), stay close to shore and only go out when conditions are calm.

• Water-based activities involving sailing boats, or motorised craft or equipment, or scuba diving are not allowed.

• Kite boarding and diving from rocks or bridges are discouraged, because these activities expose participants or other users to increased danger and may require complex search and rescue services.

How far can you drive to do a recreation activity?
You should drive as short a distance as you can, and still do the activity. You must stay local.
Your nearest recreational area could mean travelling to a neighbouring region if you live on a regional boundary, as long as this is still local and a close distance to your home. Travel to your nearest park or beach, not your favourite one.

Health Act (COVID-19 Alert Level 3) Order 2020

Windsurfing NZ AGM 2020 - online

Tue 7 Apr 2020

Online Zoom AGM - please register before meeting

Zopom AGM meeting registration

Links to agenda, financials and 2019 minutes (minutes will be here after meeting)

AGM Minutes 2020

Agenda and financials for online AGM online 7 April 2020

Zoom registration for online meeting 7pm Tuesday 7 April 2020 - register before the meeting please.

Results 2020 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals

Final Results for the 2020 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals Held on Lyttelton Harbour.
Congratulations to Jack Holliday 1st Overall Men, Annie Crombie 1st Overall Women, Greg Bowater 1st Overall Silver Fleet.
Great support for this event from our Sponsors - Groundswell, House of Travel Merrivale, Bowater Builders.
Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers for yet another very successful event.
Congratulations to all the competitors for making this the best and most enjoyable event of the season.
Click through for results

Results (click to view full size)
Men Gold

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