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Su Kay CWA Womens Kite Workshop

Sat 16 Jan 2010 - Sun 17 Jan 2010
Estuary Windsports Area

Su Kay Womens Kite Workshop, organiser Kim, contact 027-4349508.

Su is an Ozone team rider and partner in Decay Kiteboards/Kitesurfing Instruction Ruakaka, with a wealth of knowledge and experience which she is keen to share with other women.


2012 Olympics - Techno to RS:X

Techno 293 Promo

RS:X promotional and other videos

J P Tobin and friends

Nick Demspey blasting

Promotional video for RS:X Class

Madloop Windsurfing School

Lake Pupuke, Auckland

New Zealand’s largest windsurf centre, Madloop offers a range of high quality, windsurfing rentals and windsurfing lessons to help Madloop windsurfers get the most from their time on the water – if you have never been windsurfing before we guarantee to get you up and windsurfing in your very first session!

Madloop windsurfing has the very best and most up-to-date windsurfing equipment, carrying Neil Pryde Sails and JP Boards.

Watercooled Sports


Lessons, rentals, courses. Occasional holiday programmes.

Skills you will learn include:
* How to rig a basic sail
* Up-hauling into the secure position
* Sailing away
* Tacking and gybing

Windsurfing development

Windsurfing NZ s working with Yachting NZ (YNZ) to create a recruitment and development pathway for windsurfing. This has been kicked off with a meeting between the two organsations in October 2009. The outcome from this meeting is described in the attached documents.

One of the outcomes of this meeting was to take advantage of the imminent arrival of 6 Techno boards for BOP by creating a publicity opportunity:

Learning to windsurf

people learning windsurfingWindsurfing is a sport and recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, from 7 to 70 years.


Date/Venue: 2-4 Oct/Christchurch 2009.
Master Instructor, Sue Bradley; 16-18 Oct/ Auckland 2009.
Master Instructor, Pete Smith.
Cost: $350. For further details contact Sue 027 640 8596 , Pete 0274 845 010. Click more below to view all the details and get enrollment form

Windsurfing Instructor Training


This is an 18 hour course. This allows full content of course to be learned and practiced thoroughly before Instructors gain their qualification and teach 'real' students, and for the course timetable to be tailored to make the best of the weather and tide conditions.

Technical - how stuff works, how stuff is made ...

A cool video showing the manufacture of a modern board
Another video showing the layers that make up a modern board.
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