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Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011

Despite our best efforts it looks like the system has managed to bypass us in the consultation phase for this legislation. Consultation closed on 9th of August. The draft legislation is available below:
Draft for consultation - .

YNZ made a submission, and while they do not mention windsurfing (no surprises there) many of the points they make are relevant to windsurfing. Ironically, kiteboarding is not mentioned, either by the draft or YNZ.

Key points

New risk management regulations could close windsurfing schools

The worst case scenario could be that some windsurfing schools could cease operating if they become subject to new regulations planned for introduction later this year. From October 2014, without a current outdoor safety audit certificate it will be an offence to provide activities which involve significant hazards and some level of instruction or leadership. It is anticipated that typical up-front audits will cost between $1300 and $2500.

Windsurfing school setup for sale

If you ever though a lifestyle change to teaching windsurfing was an option then this may interest you. Full school setup (or parts thereof) has been posted on Trademe.

If you are associated with a yacht or windsurfing club that wanted a set of gear for teaching this is also a great opportunity to get the gear you need as the seller is also prepared to break it down to order as an option.

Local windsurfing contacts wanted for summer media commentaries

LAST CALL - Radio stations often have a spot where they chat to someone about the conditions for surfing etc. each day, just a couple of minutes usually, maybe only once or twice a week. It would be great if we could get a list of contacts who would be prepared to comment on the local conditions for windsurfing on an occasional basis and maybe add a few comments about the sport, how to get started, how to stay safe etc. This would obviously suit someone running a business related to windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP etc.

Regulations drawn up for adventure tourism - how will this impact windsurfing instruction?

Safety audits costing up to $2500 could impact windsurfing schools when new safety regulations come into force on 1 October 2011. The Government announced in August that adventure tourism operators would be required to be registered and undergo a safety audit. The new regulations come under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, making it an offence to provide activities involving significant hazards and some level of instruction or leadership without a current safety audit certificate. They won’t apply to organisations that don’t charge fees, like schools or voluntary clubs or groups.

Practise your windsurfing instruction skills in the USA (Ad)

Every year we send thousands of young people from around the world to work at summer camps across America. We seek people with select specialist skills such as windsurfing,and this is a great chance for them to coach the skills they have to children.

Mission Bay Watersports is looking for windsurfer and kayak instructors

There is one full time management position for someone with windsurfing/kayaking instructor experience, as well as a boatmaster qualification and first-aid certificate. There are also several casual jobs available to help out when the bookings are busy. If you are a windsurfer without a qualification, but are keen to teach, then why not check out the WindsurfingNZ training courses. We would be happy to take on anyone who has just qualified- Then maybe you could be spending your summer earning money on the beach!!

Investment in Outdoor Recreation - the next step for Windsurfing NZ

What outcomes are being sought?
SPARC is seeking applications that will ultimately lead to increased long-term participation by young people, through:
1. improving organisational capability that leads to more effective service delivery;
2. improving national leadership to better co-ordinate delivery of outdoor recreation;
3. developing skills and knowledge to participate in outdoor recreation, by deliverers of opportunities.
SPARC is not seeking proposals to create more participation opportunities, unless they address at least one of the three outcomes referred to above. Read on ...

School registration

Windsurfing School registration/certification

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