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Instructor training

Windsurfing Instructor training - 2 day course

Sat 25 Sep 2010 - Sun 26 Sep 2010

25/26 September 2010 - Auckland. Master Instructor, Pete Smith.
Ph/txt 0274 845010
Further dates to be confirmed. Cost: $350

Investment in Outdoor Recreation - the next step for Windsurfing NZ

What outcomes are being sought?
SPARC is seeking applications that will ultimately lead to increased long-term participation by young people, through:
1. improving organisational capability that leads to more effective service delivery;
2. improving national leadership to better co-ordinate delivery of outdoor recreation;
3. developing skills and knowledge to participate in outdoor recreation, by deliverers of opportunities.
SPARC is not seeking proposals to create more participation opportunities, unless they address at least one of the three outcomes referred to above. Read on ...

[UK] Sailing instructors rise by 1,500 in a year

The number of dinghy, windsurfing and powerboat instructors in England has risen by almost 1,500 in the last year. The rise comes since the launch of the RYA's Adult Participation Programme, funded through Sport England, which aims to increase and develop the number of adults regularly sailing and windsurfing.

Auckland Windsurfing Instructors Course - confirmed dates

Sat 1 May 2010 - Sun 2 May 2010
Pt Chev Sailing Club

Windsurfing Instructor Course, 2 days - run by Pete Smith, Master Instructor. Follow this link for course outline and registration.

Windsurfing Instructors Course

Sat 20 Mar 2010 - Sun 21 Mar 2010

Windsurfing Instructor Course, 2 days - run by Sue Bradley, Master Instructor. Follow this link for course outline and registration.

Reintroducing Windsurf Schools Affiliation Scheme. 2010

To all New Zealand windsurfing schools,

As I hope you are aware, after a long quiet period Windsurfing New Zealand has sprung back into life in the last year and is now reviving as a strong national sports body.

WNZ Developments.

Review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors

New Zealand's adventure tourism safety record is again in the spotlight, with UK family members of tourists who lost their lives in accidents starting a group demanding changes. There is a review underway and it may be appropriate for WNZ to engage in this (unfortunately the closing date for submissions has passed - but we will follow up and also monitor the outcomes). Windsurfing has a good safety record, deaths and incidents tend to be incidental rather than directly attributable to the sport, however one area of potential interest for us is that of instruction and schools. The WNZ Instructor training scheme, and the soon to be reinstated school certification could be affected by this review.

Sample Curriculum Timetable

Subject to Weather Conditions

Start at ______am, On ________ , Meet at _________________________________________________

Other Days, go from 9.00am - 8pm (Includes breaks for meals)

Friday pm

Registration/ Introduction to course

Personal Aims/ What makes a good instructor ?

Outline of “Basic Teaching System”. Observation & analysis of a class or

Watch DVD “ Fundamentals.” (RYA)

Pre Course Questionnaire.
Simulator 1 practice. (To sailing away)

Windsurfing development

Windsurfing NZ s working with Yachting NZ (YNZ) to create a recruitment and development pathway for windsurfing. This has been kicked off with a meeting between the two organsations in October 2009. The outcome from this meeting is described in the attached documents.

One of the outcomes of this meeting was to take advantage of the imminent arrival of 6 Techno boards for BOP by creating a publicity opportunity:

Windsurfing Instructor Training


This is an 18 hour course. This allows full content of course to be learned and practiced thoroughly before Instructors gain their qualification and teach 'real' students, and for the course timetable to be tailored to make the best of the weather and tide conditions.

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