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Taranaki Wave Classic 2011 - update

If you’ve entered this year’s Taranaki Wave Classic you’ll be pleased to know that over the past month Taranaki’s wind and wave gods have been delivering the goods, with the locals enjoying great sessions at all their favourite spots, including some classic Waitara and Pungarehu action. Yep – you heard it right – Pungas is back online for the new season, complete with solid swell and the occasional orca coasting by. We’ve even had a few Aucklanders do the hell day mission down here to score some great Waitara conditions and get in some sneaky pre-TWC practice!

Scott Fenton

Video clip from the CDROM 'Windsurf Safe' produced by Windsurfing NZ.

Jon-Paul Tobin

N Z Herald profile
Video clip from the CDROM 'Windsurfing Safe'

Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA)

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) represents excellence in windsurfing. It's current and past members constitute the very best windsurfers in the World. We the PWA are the sailors who represent the sport at the highest level of competition, we strive to improve everyday and make windsurfing better for you, the public.

Freestyle - Acrobatic and Versatile

The most acrobatic and versatile windsurfing discipline. It is the “youth blood” and has been responsible for much of the new talent that has come into the sport in recent years. Winner is who does the most exciting and skilfull maneuvers. The conditions are from flat water in a lake and a slight breeze to stormy winds in Canarian waves. This makes freestyle also practicable for amateurs who do not have the best waves right in front of their houses.

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