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Feedback sought on Draft Central Otago Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2011-2021

Central Otago is a premier area for New Zealand outdoor activities. After extensive discussions with stakeholders including sporting groups, government agencies and landowners, Central Otago has a draft of its first Outdoor Recreation Strategy. Submissions close on 11 November 2011. The full strategy can be viewed at You will need to scroll down the page to find it. (Central Otago District Council) - Section 24. Wind Surfing - Kite Surfing

Rena disaster - what can you do to help?

Anyone wishing to help the oil recovery effort or report oil should contact 0800 645 774.
Maritime New Zealand are urging people stay off local beaches, saying those ''playing with oil'' and attempting to clean it up are hampering the official Rena response team. Sightings of any affected wildlife should be reported it to 0800 333 771.

The Orewa Beach Artificial Reef Project: Have your say

The Orewa Beach Artificial Reef Project: 3 reefs located obliquely to the shore approximately 375m and 700m off the Orewa Beach foreshore. This is a heads-up about the public submission process starting for The Orewa Beach Reef Project. I'm wanting to bring to your attention the proposed artificial reef planned for Orewa beach and if you are aware of the implications? I appreciate that a lot of you Windsurf/SurfSUP/Kite at Orewa or even live there so should have an interest in this issue (either for - or - against) so you need to get on to the public submission about the reef ASAP: PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 5PM 27th SEPTEMBER!

Auckland Windsurfing Assn. concerned at removal the Takapuna Beach Camp and impact of wharf and ferry terminal proposals

Auckland windsurfers attended a meeting about a proposal to remove the Takapuna camp ground. The Auckland Windsurfing Association (AWA) is taking the position that a wharf could compromise the windsurfing environment and that a ferry service will pose significant safety concerns. The AWA is interested in contacting any other groups with an interest in opposing the proposal.

Want to know the environmental impact of your surfboards?

Decarbonated is a company run by surfers, who care about the environment, and they have created a World first; the Surfboard Carbon CalculatorTM, an online tool to allow surfers to work out the environmental impact of their favourite Surfboards. See the Pros and Ambassadors that are part of Decarbonated’s mission.

Wellington windsurfing locations among those that exceeded national recreational water quality guideline.

In most places and on most days, our region's beaches and rivers were fine for swimming last summer, Greater Wellington's recreational water quality monitoring report for 2010/11 On the Beaches shows.

However, two coastal sites in Porirua exceeded the national recreational water quality guideline repeatedly, and in most cases rainfall was not a contributing factor. "Most sites only exceed guidelines after heavy rain as it washes contaminants from agricultural and urban areas into our waterways," says Greater Wellington Senior Environmental Scientist Summer Warr.

Document your windsurfing places - Tiakinga Ngā Taonga - Protect the Treasure

Let's face it, without our favourite windsurfing places where would our sport be? Certainly our Christchurch friends will be feeling the pain at present. This project documents the use, importance and dynamics of Porirua Harbour and demonstrate how integral the area is to local lives. Why not do the same with your area?

River and lake recreation research workshop - feedback wanted

We need feedback on issues around windsurfing on lakes and rivers - we're aware of some issues that have arisen but would like to hear them all, so please contact us with any feedback . More ...

Proposed man-made islands would take over Dunedin's main windsurfing area

The islands could be positioned to create a windbreak for rowers on one side of the harbour, and more windy areas for kite surfers, wind surfers and sailors in other parts of the harbour.

Windsurfing New Zealand appeal for Earthquake Affected Windsurfers

There are many windsurfers that have lost their entire homes, business's and tragically even some that have lost their loved ones.
We have set up a bank account that windsurfers from around the world can deposit their donations.
How to donate

8 March: 166 confirmed dead, 57 identified so far and 118 reported missing .

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