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Water Quality

Rena disaster - what can you do to help?

Anyone wishing to help the oil recovery effort or report oil should contact 0800 645 774.
Maritime New Zealand are urging people stay off local beaches, saying those ''playing with oil'' and attempting to clean it up are hampering the official Rena response team. Sightings of any affected wildlife should be reported it to 0800 333 771.

Rena New Zealand's worst maritime environmental disaster

Environment Minister Nick Smith has labelled the Rena New Zealand's worst maritime environmental disaster, with oil expected to wash-up on shores for months to come. Since Rena ran aground on Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga last Wednesday, an estimated 350 tonnes of heavy fuel oil has leaked from its ruptured hull into the Bay of the Plenty. More than 1300 tonnes and 200 tonnes of diesel is still on board. Fears the ship would break up and its 1368 containers fall in to the sea have been growing as bad weather continues.

12 million dollars to clean up Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand's most polluted lake.

Almost $12 million was committed yesterday by the Government, Environment Canterbury (ECan), Fonterra and Ngai Tahu, to be spent on measures including native planting, fencing and scientific research. Speaking yesterday at the tiny Ngati Moki Marae near Ellesmere's edge, Environment Minister Nick Smith said the focus would be on reducing nutrients from agricultural runoff, which would require a tougher approach on rogue farmers. Some lakeside land would have to be bought, he said.

Wellington windsurfing locations among those that exceeded national recreational water quality guideline.

In most places and on most days, our region's beaches and rivers were fine for swimming last summer, Greater Wellington's recreational water quality monitoring report for 2010/11 On the Beaches shows.

However, two coastal sites in Porirua exceeded the national recreational water quality guideline repeatedly, and in most cases rainfall was not a contributing factor. "Most sites only exceed guidelines after heavy rain as it washes contaminants from agricultural and urban areas into our waterways," says Greater Wellington Senior Environmental Scientist Summer Warr.

Document your windsurfing places - Tiakinga Ngā Taonga - Protect the Treasure

Let's face it, without our favourite windsurfing places where would our sport be? Certainly our Christchurch friends will be feeling the pain at present. This project documents the use, importance and dynamics of Porirua Harbour and demonstrate how integral the area is to local lives. Why not do the same with your area?

River and lake recreation research workshop - feedback wanted

We need feedback on issues around windsurfing on lakes and rivers - we're aware of some issues that have arisen but would like to hear them all, so please contact us with any feedback . More ...

YNZ Submissions on Aquaculture published

In Briefings newsletter around Christmas time we drew your attention to the matter of Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3) in front of parliament at the time, with public submissions due earlier this month. Yachting New Zealand’s concern is to protect New Zealand’s Coastal areas from being overrun by aquaculture which could potentially inhibit access to cruising and recreational waters enjoyed by generations of kiwi boaties and yachties.

CWA - 1st Yoda event cancelled due to quake contamination

The subject says it all - continuing high levels of contamination in the Estuary from broken and leaking sewage pipes up the Avon and Heathcote rivers mean we've had to cancel the second CWA event of the season - the first Yoda kiteboard event.

FYI: Quake Update - WARNING on Water Quality in Christchurch

The CWA understands that signs warning against swimming (includes any water contact sports) are up at the Estuary and beaches due to sewage contamination in the Avon, Heathcote, and Waimakiriri rivers (Lake Ellesmere is contaminated too). This state of affairs could continue for a period of weeks or even months, so please stay safe out there.

Clean-Up the World Weekend 2010 - what does your sailing spot look like?

Fri 17 Sep 2010 - Sun 19 Sep 2010
Your place

In 2010, the Clean Up the World theme is “Communities caring for nature”. Participating groups will undertake activities such as protecting water sources, planting trees, reducing waste, education and awareness raising.

Clean Up the World partners with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to inspire and empower communities to "clean up, fix up and conserve their environment" by carrying out initiatives ranging from waste removal and tree planting to water and energy conservation projects.

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