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Urgent: SLWC - windsurfing impact trial at Jardines today 27 March 2010

As you know there is a proposal to put a mooring buoy in the bay where we sail, for a 12m motor boat with antennae. The club exec are very worried about the safety aspects of this proposal. We have asked the applicant to put in a buoy for us to sail around so that we have given the matter our fullest consideration. They have not responded despite several requests. As the matter is likely to end up in an official "Hearing" the Exec. have decided to put in a buoy ourselves, so please try and get down to Jardines today to look at the positioning and let me know by email how you feel about this.

School registration

Windsurfing School registration/certification


THE BIG DOWNWINDER, JARDINES ACCESS, CLUB BBQ, The “Riviera” SOUTH COAST and OTHER NEWS. Catch up with the latest from the south

New Watersafety NZ website and 2009 Drowning report

Water Safety NZ have launched their new website and also released the 2009 Drowning Report. Not sure if windsurfing fits under 'sailing' or not but statistically it looks like sailing is about the safest thing you can do on the water (5 year average 1% of all drownings compared to around 10% each for power boats, boating and fishing). Click More for details and the report in pdf format.

Review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors

New Zealand's adventure tourism safety record is again in the spotlight, with UK family members of tourists who lost their lives in accidents starting a group demanding changes. There is a review underway and it may be appropriate for WNZ to engage in this (unfortunately the closing date for submissions has passed - but we will follow up and also monitor the outcomes). Windsurfing has a good safety record, deaths and incidents tend to be incidental rather than directly attributable to the sport, however one area of potential interest for us is that of instruction and schools. The WNZ Instructor training scheme, and the soon to be reinstated school certification could be affected by this review.

Contaminated beaches 'getting worse' - NZ Herald

Despite being known worldwide for our scenic shores, some of our beaches are still not stacking up and may be getting worse.

Not much appears to have changed since a survey by Consumer New Zealand at the end of 2008 showed 29 per cent of New Zealand's beaches, lakes and rivers had bacteria levels so high they were deemed unsafe by the Ministry for the Environment.

Five drowned and close calls reinforce water safety concerns during holidays

The Christmas and New Year holiday period has resulted in five drowning deaths in New Zealand.  A number of other water related fatalities and near misses have reinforced the importance of water safety education and attention to supervision around water at all times.  Good fortune has contributed to survival in a number of instances and thankfully not more fatalities have occurred as a result of poor decision making.

Windy Wellington - story of a southerly front

This is a short story about a southerly front. Wellington is well known for its windy weather - and I recently found some graphic illustrations of how quickly and dramatically the conditions can change. From a northerly of less than 5 knots to a southerly of 50+ knots in less than 3 minutes! Years ago (20), when I was single and obsessed with windsurfing I was one of the keen windsurfers who used to park at the bottom of the harbour on the Petone foreshore and wait for the predicted 'southerly buster' to arrive. When it did there would be a black wall appear at the harbour entrance which would rapidly advance towards us over a period of a few minutes, and the only question was 'which sail should I rig, 3.5 or 3.0?'.

Marine Farming: a threat to every sailor

Today Yachting New Zealand made a significant and full submission to the New Zealand Government. The submission is part of our advocacy against plans for the unimpeded and accelerated growth of aquaculture in all of the places 1.5 million New Zealanders want to go boating.

Our freedom of navigation in the coastal marine area, and access to sheltered bays for both enjoyment and safety can no longer be taken for granted.

Safety concerns - sailors / kiters vs TSS Earnslaw, Lake Wakatipu

The skippers on the TSS Earnslaw have had a few incidents of late particularly with kite surfers who are getting too close to the bow of the Earnslaw as she leaves Queenstown Bay and heads out to Walter Peak (around the one mile point).

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