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Ten drownings over the official Xmas and New Year holiday period is a tragic yet sadly predictable figure according to Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ). Ten drownings for the period is three more than the five year average (2005/2006 – 2009/2010) of seven drowning fatalities.
“A lot of attention is paid to the road toll but drownings also peak during this time of year and, given the number of incidents where good fortune has contributed to survival, we are lucky that the number of drownings has not in fact surpassed road deaths,” comments Matt Claridge, General Manager, WSNZ.

Nelson - Kiteboarder dies in high winds

A 35-year-old Tahunanui man has died in while kite boarding in strong winds north of Nelson. The accident happened at about 3.30pm at Wakapuaka on farm land off State Highway 6. Police said an extreme wind gust of wind lifted the man high off the ground and blew him into some trees. "He then came into contact with trees and the ground before coming to rest some distance away in farm land," Sergeant Shane Miles said.

Regulations drawn up for adventure tourism - how will this impact windsurfing instruction?

Safety audits costing up to $2500 could impact windsurfing schools when new safety regulations come into force on 1 October 2011. The Government announced in August that adventure tourism operators would be required to be registered and undergo a safety audit. The new regulations come under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, making it an offence to provide activities involving significant hazards and some level of instruction or leadership without a current safety audit certificate. They won’t apply to organisations that don’t charge fees, like schools or voluntary clubs or groups.

How to recognise Drowning - it's NOT like shown on TV

Have you ever witnessed someone drowning? Would you recognise it if you did? Leisure sailors spend all their sailing time in and around water, so knowing when someone is drowning is a vital skill.

A Nelson kitesurfer who lost his kite in gusty winds triggers search

A Nelson kitesurfer who lost his kite in gusty winds at Tahunanui Beach yesterday afternoon is embarrassed he prompted a pointless search operation. The Nelson Surf Life Saving Club and a Nelson City Council launch warden were sent to search for a supposed kitesurfer in the rough water near Rocks Rd, after the kite was spotted in the sea. Moral: If you lose gear on or near the water, report it so it doesn't trigger a search call-out.

CWA - 1st Yoda event cancelled due to quake contamination

The subject says it all - continuing high levels of contamination in the Estuary from broken and leaking sewage pipes up the Avon and Heathcote rivers mean we've had to cancel the second CWA event of the season - the first Yoda kiteboard event.

DROWNING hospitalisations increase dramatically

Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) today released drowning statistics for the months of July and August (fatal) and Hospitalisation (non-fatal) data.  The statistics are at odds with one another, as fatal data reveals a continuation of lower than normal drowning incidents through 2010 to date.  Non-fatal data indicates a rising trend which is worrying for water safety professionals.

Clean-Up the World Weekend 2010 - what does your sailing spot look like?

Fri 17 Sep 2010 - Sun 19 Sep 2010
Your place

In 2010, the Clean Up the World theme is “Communities caring for nature”. Participating groups will undertake activities such as protecting water sources, planting trees, reducing waste, education and awareness raising.

Clean Up the World partners with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to inspire and empower communities to "clean up, fix up and conserve their environment" by carrying out initiatives ranging from waste removal and tree planting to water and energy conservation projects.

CWA - Clean up

Sat 18 Sep 2010
ChCh Estuary

Clean up the World event, which was scheduled for Sept 5, as we were about two weeks ahead of the Rest of the World, and the council. It's officially Sept 18-19, so we'll aim for that weekend too, maybe Saturday, or if wet and miserable then Sunday. To be confirmed in the online events calendar.

The fine line between adventure and misadventure‏ - Louis Tapper journey contd.

If you were getting bored with the daily updates of waiting for wind, eating good food and drinking beer on the beach, then today’s adventure, or misadventure might just peak your interest again. The incident today was potentially the most dangerous situation in my 3.5 years of kitesurfing. I don’t need a reminder that there is a fine line between adventure and misadventure and fortunately today I stayed on the right side of that line.

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