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RS:X windsurfers hit by lightning

This is not to scare you. It's just to make you aware of what to do if you find yourself in an electrical storm with lightning strikes all around you. The answer is simple, if you are on flat water, drop the mast into the water and sit it out. The risk is minimal. in fact, if you were on land enjoying a good steak, the risk could probably be greater.
Ricardo (Bimba) Santos (BRA) takes up the story...

9th Life - Oz Dyson Awards design finalists

Our pitch to these young Aussie inventors was simple - give us your 2-minute spiel telling us the who, what, why and how of your invention. Rescue vest designed for extreme water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding...

Document your windsurfing places - Tiakinga Ngā Taonga - Protect the Treasure

Let's face it, without our favourite windsurfing places where would our sport be? Certainly our Christchurch friends will be feeling the pain at present. This project documents the use, importance and dynamics of Porirua Harbour and demonstrate how integral the area is to local lives. Why not do the same with your area?

River and lake recreation research workshop - feedback wanted

We need feedback on issues around windsurfing on lakes and rivers - we're aware of some issues that have arisen but would like to hear them all, so please contact us with any feedback . More ...

Windsurfer rescued off Waitara

A Venezuelan windsurfer battled strong currents and wind for hours after getting into trouble off Waitara on Saturday.

"After two hours of trying to do a water start I was exhausted," Josue Hernandez said soon after his rescue at the hands of a local jet skier.

"The current was stronger than me and I was exhausted," the 25-year-old, who has lived in New Plymouth for the past nine months, said.

His windsurfer was left behind and was last seen drifting north along the rugged coastline.

Kiteboarding death in Nelson attributed to risk implicit in the activity

The death of a Nelson land boarder at Wakapuaka on Christmas Eve was a tragic accident and part of the implicit risks involved in the sport, a coroner says.

Coroner Carla na Nagara gave her findings into the death of experienced kite and land boarder Ruben Laas at an inquest held at the Nelson District Court yesterday.

Mr Laas was killed at the Wakapuaka sand flats from blunt head and chest injuries after he was repeatedly slammed into the ground in a kite boarding accident.


Windsurfing is a safe sport, possibly one of the safest of the so called extreme sports.

Like any sport however, it's only as safe as you make it, and a common sense approach combined with preparedness will go a long way towards making this the safest sport you have tried.

This link provides some guidelines towards self rescue in the event that you do get into difficulties - more details to follow

Australia: Horrific accident renews call for jetski licencing changes

A WINDSURFING state champion who may never sail again after a horrific accident wants jet-ski legislation overhauled to stop inexperienced unlicensed riders from taking to the water. Linda Pesschier, 42, is alleged to have been hit by a jet-ski rider on a hire-ride tour of the Broadwater on Monday, at speeds of up to 50km/h, severely fracturing her leg and lacerating her forehead.

Windsurfing New Zealand appeal for Earthquake Affected Windsurfers

There are many windsurfers that have lost their entire homes, business's and tragically even some that have lost their loved ones.
We have set up a bank account that windsurfers from around the world can deposit their donations.
How to donate

8 March: 166 confirmed dead, 57 identified so far and 118 reported missing .

YNZ Submissions on Aquaculture published

In Briefings newsletter around Christmas time we drew your attention to the matter of Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3) in front of parliament at the time, with public submissions due earlier this month. Yachting New Zealand’s concern is to protect New Zealand’s Coastal areas from being overrun by aquaculture which could potentially inhibit access to cruising and recreational waters enjoyed by generations of kiwi boaties and yachties.

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