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Sailing safety in the silly season - we are all responsible.

It's that time of the year again. Lots of people travelling to different and sometimes new locations to sail, more people on the water and less experience/common sense. The number of fatalities so far is disappointing, and one of the fingers is being pointed at conflicted use of water - so be extra careful of other water users, small and big.

Wellington alert - Water Ski Racing in Harbour 4/5 October

There will be Water Ski racing in Evans Bay both days of this weekend (4/5 Oct) generally up the eastern side between Cobham Drive and Shelley Bay, launching from the Evans Bay public ramp. A Public Notice advising of the reserved area and uplifting speed bylaws was in last Saturday’s DomPost, and there are posters at various parts of the foreshore and by the windsurf take-off area at Kio Bay.
If strong northeries, they will run at Horokiwi, from the Water Ski Club and to about 2500m south.

Windsurfing NZ Public Liability Insurance update 2014-2015

The latest insurance documents have been uploaded - although the current policy expires today we have an extension for 2 weeks while the policy is rolled over. This policy covers Windsurfing NZ and all its affiliated clubs and associations. It also covers kitesurfing activities.

Kite and windsurfing regulations

New kitesurfing and windsurfing safety regulations have been introduced in Western Australia - essentially requiring lifejackets to be worn and a variety of other safety devices to be carried if operating more than 400m offshore in unprotected waters. It appears that the local kitesurfing organisations have agreed to this, its not clear if the windsurfers were actually involved (from the official site) - so it could be that this has been driven largely by kitesurfing safety issues. Something to be aware of.

Hauraki Gulf Use and Values Survey

Hauraki Gulf Use and Values Survey running from 3 March until 21 April 2014.
The survey is being run by AUT PhD candidate Rebecca Jarvis who is studying conservation social networking in the gulf under Dr Barbara Breen. The survey is not specific to conservation, however, and covers all uses and values.

Canterbury Windsports Assn. - Scott park Master plan - submissions close 22 November

Just a reminder, if you have not filed a submission, would you please take the time to do this in favour of the existing proposed plan. The Coastal Pathway group have forced a special meeting this Monday which I will be attending with Allan Taylor from Groundswell to defend our position to retain the existing proposed plan.

Our main focus is on four main points to reinforce our reason for proposing to run the pathway along the existing footpath area beside the road:-

Windsurfing Event safety check-out / check-in board

At the recent Eastbourne Windsurfing Fun Slalom event we trialled a check-out / check-in board system for managing safety. I first encountered this at the National Slalom event in Dunedin and it worked well, so I decided to try it here. It worked well so here's the details on how to make and use your own (total cost $6)

Windsurfing Schools - Adventure Activities Regulations 2011 update

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment: We're seeking further information because you've notified that you're an operator of an adventure activity - surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing - but you may not need to register with the Ministry. (read more)

Westpac Chopper Challenge completed

After a couple of months of indifferent weather and a couple of attempts coming up short I have finally managed to complete my 100km challenge! Feels good, and I recommend something similar to others as a way to raise funds for a charity. Look foward to me issuing some sort of challenge next year! (read on for details)

Coastguard Coastal Medic Course

Sat 1 Sep 2012 - Sun 2 Sep 2012

Wellington Ocean Sports will be running a Coastguard Coastal Medic Course over the weekend of 1 and 2 September and there are several places available for booking. This course offers participants the qualifications of Coastguard Boating Education Service Marine Medic (Coastal), NZQA units 6400, 6401, 6402 and Maritime New Zealand commercial first aid. It should be a prerequisite for anyone involved in ocean sports.

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