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Windsurfers - take ownership of your local site

This article in the Nelson Evening Mail discusses the rubbish issues around freedom campers, and specifically mentions a popular windsurfing spot in Atawhai. While windsurfers are undoubtedly not responsible for the mess its a timely reminder that while we may not make the mess its our backyard and we will suffer the most if it gets wasted. Broken glass, dog shit (and worse) are not conducive to a great days sailing, and it doesn't take much effort while taking a break to tidy up a bit. If there's no rubbish containers get the council to put something in. Take pride in the area and you'll get oneside big time with the locals too.

Government wants to TRIPLE the size of the aquaculture industry - with what impact on our coastline?

The Government will be able to overrule regional councils on new aquaculture applications under rules designed to help triple the size of the industry. New recommendations outlined yesterday would see the Resource Management Act changed to allow the minister of fisheries and aquaculture to overrule decisions by regional councils in the national interest.

SOUTHERN LAKES WIND RIDERS CLUB NOTICE - Jardines launch site issue and social meetup

Mon 12 Apr 2010
Dux de Lux

Special meeting to finalise Club position re Jardines Moorings Proposal + afterwards.. End of Season Social ....pizzas, cheap drinks, cool DVD's...

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SOUTHERN LAKES WIND RIDERS CLUB NOTICE - Jardines launch site issue and social meetup

SPECIAL MEETING/SOCIAL ..... Special meeting to finalise Club position re Jardines Moorings Proposal + afterwards.. End of Season Social ....pizzas, cheap drinks, cool DVD's...

Urgent: SLWC - windsurfing impact trial at Jardines today 27 March 2010

As you know there is a proposal to put a mooring buoy in the bay where we sail, for a 12m motor boat with antennae. The club exec are very worried about the safety aspects of this proposal. We have asked the applicant to put in a buoy for us to sail around so that we have given the matter our fullest consideration. They have not responded despite several requests. As the matter is likely to end up in an official "Hearing" the Exec. have decided to put in a buoy ourselves, so please try and get down to Jardines today to look at the positioning and let me know by email how you feel about this.

Aquaculture Technical Advisory Group Report: Summary of Submissions published

Yachting New Zealand: In the past few days the Ministry of Fisheries has released both a summary of submissions and copies of all 223 submissions made in relation to the Technical Advisory Group’s Report to ‘Restart Aquaculture’. It was pleasing to see the large number of strong and well-argued submissions from the recreational boating sector and other aligned groups.


THE BIG DOWNWINDER, JARDINES ACCESS, CLUB BBQ, The “Riviera” SOUTH COAST and OTHER NEWS. Catch up with the latest from the south

Marine Farming: a threat to every sailor

Today Yachting New Zealand made a significant and full submission to the New Zealand Government. The submission is part of our advocacy against plans for the unimpeded and accelerated growth of aquaculture in all of the places 1.5 million New Zealanders want to go boating.

Our freedom of navigation in the coastal marine area, and access to sheltered bays for both enjoyment and safety can no longer be taken for granted.

Marine farms to grab four times current area under fast tracked rules

Although it is claimed that only 0.02% of the New Zealand coastline is taken for sea farms, as can be seen from the map, this area overlays some of New Zealand's finest cruising grounds and the grab of sea space proposed by the group will be a quadrupling of the size of sea farms in these cruising grounds and sheltered bays.

Aquaculture “Expert Group” concerns YNZ

An Aquaculture advisory group has been established, and existing regulations are under review by the Government. As co-users of the coastal marine environment we need to pay attention.

Yachting New Zealand has been monitoring with interest the matter of aquaculture reform, wanting to ensure that the interests of yachties and boaties get due consideration in this reform process.

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