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Maiya Holton

Maiya Holton is a young girl who loves windsurfing. Her first day on a windsurfer was windless and raining, but she knew instantly this was something she wanted to do. Within three months, she had her own shortboard. A year later, she won the 13-and-under division of the Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition. In years to come, she hopes to be making her way as a professional windsurfer in all the disciplines. Maiya is eleven years old.

Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition results

The first Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition was a great success. There were lots of talented kids out on the water showing off their moves for the judges - two of New Zealand's freestyle stars, Thomas Davies and Jebbe Unthank. All the competitors, aged from 4 to 17, had a fun time and were impressive in the gusty wind.

Madloop Junior Freestyle update

Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition will be broadcast live by Radio Ponsonby on their frequency 107.7FM and worldwide on their Ustream channel. They will also be providing music for the event.
The event has also received attention in the press.

Carbon Art: An interview with Alex Halank (AUS 2001)

Australia's youngest ever Windsurfing Champion, he won the 2010 Starboard Prokids IFCA Freestyle World Championship, in the under 11 division at age 8! He also won the Slalom and Flowstyle events...!

Nevin Sayre - Broadening the scope of junior programs

Before Nevin Sayre was a five-time U.S. National Windsurfing Champion, he was a four time college sailing All-American. Sayre not only understands the competitive side of sailing, he understands that competition isn’t what sailing is all about. So it is no shock to him that the sport in the U.S. is struggling to turn youth sailors into life sailors, because the focus in most junior programs is to turn youth sailors into youth racers. Here he explains:

UK. Youth sailing scheme sees quarter of a million youngsters sailing and windsurfing

Over the last five years well over a quarter of a million youngsters have been enjoying sailing and windsurfing thanks to a pioneering scheme from the RYA called OnBoard. “When we launched the programme back in 2005 we set ourselves the target of introducing 500,000 youngsters to sailing over a 10 year period. Now we are half way through it’s fantastic to see how many youngsters are getting out on the water and that the programme is well on target”, commented Vicky Lenz, RYA OnBoard manager, who has been involved with the project since the outset and has seen the scheme flourish over the past few years.

Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition

Sat 26 Feb 2011

Calling All Young Guns. Come And Join Us For Some Windsurfing Fun:
... helitacks, 360s, sail flips, what can you do?
JUDGED BY THOMAS DAVIES - National Freestyle Champion
* SPOT PRIZES *Expert Windsurfing Displays, Barbecue
$20 Entry Fee to cover refreshments

Motivational Workshop for youth at Manly SC

Fri 19 Nov 2010
Manly Sailing Club

Manly Sailing Club is offering Let Go – a motivational workshop presented by Barbara Kendall for youth aged 12 to 17 years.

RS:X Youth World Championships: Training Camp

In association with the Cyprus Yachting Association, RSX Class Association are organising a training camp from October 13th - 20th. This is for individuals and teams with a coach and those without.

The CYA Youth Team will be training at the venue during this time so you are invited to join them and train together.

However, if you do not have a coach and would like to take part then the RS:X Class will provide a coach for you.

The sort of success we can only hope for - RYA's OnBoard.

The current joint proposal that Windsurfing NZ and Yachting NZ has before SPARC is aimed to introduce windsurfing into mainstream junior sailing. The numbers in the following news item are impressive but demonstrate what a well managed programme can achieve. Hopefully WNZ is taking steps in that direction already.

"Around 1,500 children across Birmingham and Worcestershire have been introduced to sailing and windsurfing through the RYA’s OnBoard grassroots programme this year. RYA OnBoard is all about providing youngsters from local schools, community organisations and youth groups with opportunities to get their first taste of sailing and windsurfing and give them the chance to continue participating at low cost."

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