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Windfoiling - flying the new option

Windfoils (windsurfer with a foil fin) are getting a lot of attention, and if you've been following the PWA slalom series you'll have seen how foiling can extend the wind range of your sailing, as well as providing yet another way to spend money on your sports gear. There are a few kiwi early adopters and a good number who are keen to try. Virtually all major windsurfing companies, and also some foil companies, are now promoting windsurfing foiling and providing lots of advice on the sport - the gear, the techniques, the benefits and risks.

GoPro video cameras and fittings for boards, booms, masts and helmets

The GoPro video has done perhaps more than any other camera to make video capture and sharing possible in the windsurfing community. Here's some resources

Firmware upgrading:

Commercial clamps - mast, boom

DIY clamps - mast , boom

AHD Foiling production board released

The AFS-1 can be mastered by any experienced windsurfer who knows how to get a standard board on a fast plane and jibe it (mastering all funboard techniques). Still, they must accept to take the time to learn « foiling » step by step.

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