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Windsurfing Event safety check-out / check-in board

At the recent Eastbourne Windsurfing Fun Slalom event we trialled a check-out / check-in board system for managing safety. I first encountered this at the National Slalom event in Dunedin and it worked well, so I decided to try it here. It worked well so here's the details on how to make and use your own (total cost $6)

Supercross video

PWA Super X 2006

Surf Alegre 2004


Windsurfing Supercross is an event designed to showcase the skill and talent of windsurfers and stimulate growth in the sport of windsurfing. The event will be a Supercross format where scores are based on time to negotiate a set course as well as completion of several course features (Jump Buoys, Tack Buoys).

Windsurfing options - there are more than you think!

  • Windfoiling - Windfoiling is a new exciting option for beginners, current or ex-windsurfers. Exciting windsurfing in lighter winds, and physically less demanding.
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