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Special ferry fares available for National Slalom event

The Interislander is offering special rates for people heading south for the National Slalom event in Dunedin.
Details are here.

New Zealand Slalom Nationals & Formula 42 Slalom Oceanics

Wed 16 Feb 2011 - Sun 20 Feb 2011

Repeat of the well organised and popular event with the added bonus of including the Oceanic Formula 42 class as well.

Results from Round 2 of the AWA Slalom Series

Round 2 result, preliminary only - sorry about the formatting

Auckland Slalom and Funboard Series

We will be running the 2nd Round of the Auckland Slalom Series on Saturday 25th September 2010 at Pt. Chev. High Tide is 8.30am, so first possible race start is 10.00am. The forecast is for 16 Knots Westerly.

Oceanics & NZ Slalom Nationals

Wed 16 Feb 2011 - Sun 20 Feb 2011

Dates only at this stage - more information to follow

Auckland Windsurfing Association Slalom Series 2010 Round 1

Results from the first event of the Auckland Slalom Series.

Slalom Event


Slalom event specifics


The appropriate sections of ISAF FRR 2001, Part 2 “When Boards Meet” are reproduced herein (including reference numbers) for your reference:

10. On Opposite Tacks
A port tack board shall keep clear of a starboard tack board.
NB! Port Tack = Left hand closest to mast & the wind is blowing onto the LEFT hand side of the rig.
NB! Starboard Tack = Right hand closest to mast & the wind is blowing onto the RIGHT hand side of the rig
11. On the Same Tack

AWA - Slalom series

Sat 18 Sep 2010

Slalom Series 4 Events (3 to count) The first event will be part of the North Island Cup. From 18th September 2010 on a rollover basis.

See also

Formula Nationals

Tamara Bockius Wins Maui County Championships on Carbon Art.

The 26th annual Maui Race Series has been running smoothly. The first 4 events have been completed, The Starboard Slalom, DaKine Classic, MFC Open and Quicksilver Cup. The Hawaii State Championships are scheduled for July 31st. This year there were a few heat postponements due to lack of wind and an occasional deflated or run away buoy but for the most part we had good slalom racing with lots of Pro Sailors and a seasoned Race committee.

CWA - Fun racing

Wed 19 Jan 2011


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