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The RS:X Windsurfing AGM Overview: Same gear, mandatory charter, paperless, and at more than 60 member countries it's bigger than Laser

It was just over 5 years and 6 months ago that the RS:X Class came into existence. In that time the number of countries involved has grown to more than 60 and the equipment tolerances have become second to none

It is with this in mind that the Class held its seventh Annual General Meeting in Cadiz, Spain during the 2012 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships. We would specifically like to draw your attention to the following decisions. The class voted...

#1. To retain the existing equipment without change

RS:X World Windsurfing Championships - a blast in more ways than one

The RS:X World Championships were a blast...
After what was one of the windiest world championships on record, it's time to take stock.
Racing was only possible on 4 of the scheduled seven days with no medal racing for the second time this year. Who would have thought beforehand that we would wake up each morning praying for 15 knots LESS wind...

Tobin Bronze at RS:X World Championships

JP Tobin, The NZL Sailing Team’s Olympic representative in the Men's RS:X has finished on the podium with a third place finish at the 2012 RS:X Class World Championships.

Left: JP finished fifth at the ISAF 2011 RS:X World Championships less than four months ago

Throughout the event, except for his single drop, JP maintained a top five finish in every race. This is his best result ever at a Windsurfing World Championship.

RS:X World Champs - JP Tobin takes 3rd, but the wind has the last word.

With the last two days racing cancelled and no medal race with winds up to 50 knots the standings after race 10 determined the final result. Bontemps came ahead of Nick Dempsey, from Great Britain, and JP Tobin, from New Zealand. The French sailor was first in the last two Cadiz races.

RS:X Windsurfing Worlds - 50 knot gusts and its speed sailing time

$1000 Winner Takes All Speed Session as Wind Gusts to 50 Knots. It didn’t take long for the Race Committee to pull the plug on racing today. The committee boat anchored and with a few minutes their bow roller was bent out of shape as the first 40 knot gust came through. White caps transformed into vapor as the sea became streaked with white lines…

The AP over A went up and racing was cancelled for the day. The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. The medal races are scheduled for 1200hrs as usual. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that.

RS:X Windsurfing - JP Tobin and the wind - still nuking it and there's more to come

Yesterday Toni Wilhelm went to flight school yesterday with the result that his sail cartwheeled across the bay and smacked another racer on the back. Alex Jones [BER] was taken off the water and to hospital with broken bones in a foot. Today sailors who would not normally be taking rides over the handle bars were doing so. Julien Bontemps [FRA] posted a 3-1-1 to take over as overall leader. Nick Dempsey [GBR] scored 1-2-3 to bounce back up to silver medal position. JP Tobin [NZL] 2-4-2 is up from 5th to 3rd.

RS:X Windsurfing - Ballistic Winds on The Bay of Cadiz

In a break from normal practice, the RS:X men's gold fleet was accompanied by their compadres in the silver fleet for the first day of the final series in the 2012 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships. It was Przemyslaw Miarczynski [POL] who was the most consistent posting 1-2-5 to move up the rankings to take over 6th spot overall.

RS:X World Windsurfing Champs - JP Tobin climbs to 5th, training partner van Rijsselberge now leading.

Day 4 saw JP Tobin from New Zealand take 2, 5 and 4 to lift his standing to 5th overall, only 5 points behind Dorian van Rijsselberge who is now leading. Consistency is the key for the top sailors, with placings of lower than 6 starting to matter, Dorian has placed no lower than 4th in any race so far.

RS:X Windsurfing Worlds - 40 knots blows racing off the water

This morning the Bay of Cadiz was covered in white caps. The AP went up. Racing was postponed in the hope that the wind would moderate. It topped out at 40 knots plus mid morning and stayed there until 1500hrs. Up went the AP over A. No racing

The Race Director, Rob Lamb had a well thought through plan of action in the event that he decided that racing would be possible. And that was to call out one group at a time and race them on a windward/leeward course. That way he could provide the necessary safety cover with the help of the coach boats.

RS:X World windsurfing - the Levante is coming and survival conditions are scheduled

The men went out into a building breeze for a 1200hrs start. The wind was 8 - 18 knots. Big holes. Shifty and testing to say the least. It was the orange group who started first and Shahar Zubari [ISR11] who lead on the first upwind and all the way down to the bottom of the outside loop. Nick Dempsey [GBR1] was close behind in second with Dorian van Rijsselberge [NED8] in hot pursuit.

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