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Learn to Windsurf Courses

Wed 17 Oct 2012

Summer is fast approaching so its time to shake off those winter blues and get ready to enjoy all that is great about being on the water. Join the Elements Team this October/November and Learn to Windsurf or Improve your skills ready to enjoy a great summer of Windsurfing fun - Sound tempting? Here's How

Madloop Windsurfing joins Windsurfing NZ affiliated schools

Madloop Windsurfing (Auckland) is now part of the expanding group of Windsurfing NZ certified windsurfing schools. As part of our program to bring more people into the sport WNZ has instituted a school certification scheme to ensure a high standard of safe windsurfing instruction exists throughout NZ. Certified schools are actively promoted on the website and through other channels.

Windsurfing schools meet WNZ standards to get Affiliation

Several windsurfing schools and instructors now meet the standards for equipment and operation set down by Windsurfing NZ. It is hoped that more schools will meet these standards in the future. This program of accreditation and affiliation could become critical in the near future as risk management requirements controlling 'adventure tourism' activities could have a huge regulatory and financial impact on schools. By taking responsibility for our own quality and risk now we may be able to avoid over regulation and prohibitive costs, as well as ensuring that customers get a high standard of tuition and a great experience.

Windsurfing schools sign up to Windsurfing New Zealand standards scheme

Windsurfing schools are signing up to the Windsurfing New Zealand standards for teaching windsurfing. These ensure that the instructors, the location, the facilities and the processes are suitable to give an enjoyable and safe introduction windsurfing.

The sort of success we can only hope for - RYA's OnBoard.

The current joint proposal that Windsurfing NZ and Yachting NZ has before SPARC is aimed to introduce windsurfing into mainstream junior sailing. The numbers in the following news item are impressive but demonstrate what a well managed programme can achieve. Hopefully WNZ is taking steps in that direction already.

"Around 1,500 children across Birmingham and Worcestershire have been introduced to sailing and windsurfing through the RYA’s OnBoard grassroots programme this year. RYA OnBoard is all about providing youngsters from local schools, community organisations and youth groups with opportunities to get their first taste of sailing and windsurfing and give them the chance to continue participating at low cost."

Investment in Outdoor Recreation - the next step for Windsurfing NZ

What outcomes are being sought?
SPARC is seeking applications that will ultimately lead to increased long-term participation by young people, through:
1. improving organisational capability that leads to more effective service delivery;
2. improving national leadership to better co-ordinate delivery of outdoor recreation;
3. developing skills and knowledge to participate in outdoor recreation, by deliverers of opportunities.
SPARC is not seeking proposals to create more participation opportunities, unless they address at least one of the three outcomes referred to above. Read on ...

School registration

Windsurfing School registration/certification

Review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors

New Zealand's adventure tourism safety record is again in the spotlight, with UK family members of tourists who lost their lives in accidents starting a group demanding changes. There is a review underway and it may be appropriate for WNZ to engage in this (unfortunately the closing date for submissions has passed - but we will follow up and also monitor the outcomes). Windsurfing has a good safety record, deaths and incidents tend to be incidental rather than directly attributable to the sport, however one area of potential interest for us is that of instruction and schools. The WNZ Instructor training scheme, and the soon to be reinstated school certification could be affected by this review.

Windsurf Sue

Frankton Beach, Queenstown


Lesson, rentals.

Location; Frankton Beach. Queenstown.

Only operates Thursdays 4-8.30. Jan-March. Special rentals or courses may be available other times.

Sue 027 640 8596.

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