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How to unhook in kiteboarding

Wed 18 Oct 2017

Unhooked riding is a fundamental skill for freestyle and wave kitesurfing. Learn how to ride a kite unhooked.

Whether you're riding waves or performing new school tricks, you need to master unhooking and hooking, as fast as you can.

As with everything in kiteboarding, training is the best way of achieving perfection. If you're starting with unhooked riding, use the lower wind range to exercise the technique in waist-deep waters and free space around you.

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A backpack made of upcycled kitesurfing kites

Tue 17 Oct 2017

Nukak presents a new bag made of an innovative material: recycled kitesurfing sails.

Ralf is the new kite backpack that features a combination of daring colors and lightness and, thanks to its resistance and flexibility, it has multiple uses.

Ralf is versatile and very useful for both urban use and weekend getaways, for your day-to-day life or your kitesurfing adventures.

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Strapless kitesurfing: where to place your feet on the surfboard

Sat 14 Oct 2017

Are you getting into strapless kiteboarding? Are you unsure where to place your feet on the board? Find the ideal foot positions for a successful ride.

Strapless kitesurfing is one the most exciting dimensions in kiteboarding. Riding a surfboard without any attachments allows you to enjoy the experience with total freedom.

Nevertheless, the advantages of riding strapless come with a few downsides, obstacles and challenges that you should be able to overcome and master.

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How to maintain your foil

Wed 11 Oct 2017

Learn simple preventive measure that will make your foil last longer. Slingshot shared some helpful tips on keeping your gear in top performance.

You've made your splurge, and it's your new favorite toy. Like anything that is worth something, your new foil needs some tender loving care.

Proper maintenance, both before and after using your foil, are essential steps in prolonging its life. This is especially important with salt water exposure.

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Nico Parlier conquers the 2017 IKA KiteFoil World Championship

Tue 10 Oct 2017

Nico Parlier and Steph Bridge have been crowned the 2017 IKA KiteFoil world champions, in the Italian island of Sardinia.

The five-day event got underway at the Gulf of Angels, off Cagliari's Poetto Beach, and had great wind conditions for the world's fastest foilboard expert to showcase their riding skills.

On the second day, the gusty Mistral winds invaded the regatta field, hitting 40 knots and putting the fleet to the test.

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What is the difference between kiteboarding and kitesurfing?

Wed 4 Oct 2017

What do you call the sport of riding a board on water while being pulled by a kite? Are you a kiteboarder or a kitesurfer? What is the official name for the action sport?

It is one of the youngest boardsports in the world, and it was born in the early 1980s in France and Hawaii. Generally speaking, kiteboarding and kitesurfing are different names for the same water sport.

The majority of people tend to use them both interchangeably in conversations, although purists say they do not represent the same thing. So, why do we have two titles for one single outdoor activity?

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