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X-Project blends snow and water sports in Engadin

Fri 5 Mar 2021

A group of windsurfers, kiteboarders, and snowboarders participated in a unique stunt that combined different sports in the breathtaking snowy landscape of the Engadin mountains in Switzerland.

The X-Project is an old dream that has been planned and in the making for years.

At the heart of it is windsurfing in powder snow alongside speed riding, snowboarding, and snowkiting.

PWA World Tour releases tentative calendar for 2021

Wed 24 Feb 2021

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) announced a provisional calendar for the 2021 season.

In times of uncertainty, travel restrictions, and sudden Covid-19 outbreaks, the professional windsurfing circuit released a tentative schedule featuring 13 stops.

Despite the efforts from local event organizers and the PWA, only two contests got underway in 2020 - Croatia and Denmark.

The story of Jim Drake's first "Wing" rig

Tue 16 Feb 2021

The idea of the first "Wing" rig came up in August 1981 when Jim Drake visited me in the surf editorial office in Munich. It was precursor of modern wing surfing.

Jim and I had been friends since 1977 when Surf-Magazin was founded, and my article about the "true inventor" of windsurfing was published.

So in August 1981, over dinner, we discussed our experiences that we had made over a year earlier at the PanAm Cup in Hawaii - the development of funboards and the first really high jumps over the waves.

Adam Sims takes over European Freestyle Pro Tour

Fri 5 Feb 2021

British windsurfer and video producer Adam Sim is the new owner of the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT).

Sims, 32, accepted the challenge to take over the EFPT after being approached by its managing team.

"I am extremely proud to take on the new role as owner and CEO of the European Freestyle Pro Tour," expressed Adam Sims.

PWA World Tour introduces equal prize money

Fri 22 Jan 2021

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) announced the introduction of equal prize money at its events in 2021.

The official windsurfing circuit sanctioned by World Sailing will award an identical prize money structure for both fleets across all disciplines.

"The Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancelation of almost all competitions, but it allowed us to reflect, analyze and review and change," the PWA World Tour notes.

Red Sea freestyle windsurfers shine in "Edom"

Wed 20 Jan 2021

The Middle East has plenty of wind. And that's always a good thing when you're a freestyle windsurfer.

Nadav Cohen is an enthusiastic sailboarder and filmmaker from Eilat, a small port and resort town located in the south of Israel.

The country's southernmost city is a stunning open window into the Red Sea and a tourist destination for domestic and international travelers.

Windjammer: the world's first soft sailboard by Morey Boogie

Wed 23 Dec 2020

Kransco's California Windjammer soft sailboard was designed by Mickey Fremont and produced by the people who brought you the original Morey Boogie.

In the early 1970s, Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake put a sail on a surfboard and called it a Windsurfer.

By 1973, the new sport was holding its first world championship; by 1984, it was an Olympic sport.

Building the next generation of windsurf sails

Wed 2 Dec 2020

Imagine a sail that is half the weight and lasts five times as long.

For years, a leading global sail manufacturer has dominated the sailing industry by pioneering high-tech composite sails.

Their popular 3D technology combines strategically laid fibers with an advanced flexible resin.

Sarah Hauser sets world record for the largest women's windsurfing wave

Fri 27 Nov 2020

Sarah Hauser has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever windsurfed by a woman.

The windsurfer from New Caledonia rode a 36-foot (10.97 meters) wave at Jaws/Peahi, in Maui, Hawaii, on December 31, 2019.

Hauser took advantage of perfect swell and splendid 25-knot offshore winds to draw an eye-catching line on the giant blue walls of moving water.

"Beach Time": the windsurf-inspired animated cartoon series

Tue 24 Nov 2020

My name is Mark Fiore Martino. I learned to windsurf in 1979.

My favorite spot is Waverly Beach, near our home in Kirkland, Washington. I moved there because jobs were plentiful, but mostly so I could sail the Gorge a lot, which I did.

A windsurfing marathoner's journey to redemption

Thu 19 Nov 2020

Sometimes, we all need - and deserve - a second chance. Tony Vandenberg, also known as Bermudaboy, proved that determination pays off.

Vandenberg is a windsurfing marathoner. He loves sailing long distances in extreme environments.

He has once again participated in the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge, an unsupported, expedition-style adventure race for water sports enthusiasts.

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