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Nice points jump for Facundo Olezza after U23 Finn Worlds opener

BYM News - Tue 29 Aug 2017
The only young sailor at the U23 Finn World Championship in Balatonfured with Olympic experience, Facundo Olezza, from Argentina, made some sense of the chaotic wind conditions on the first day to build a 13 point margin after three ...

Missing the 1980s? Here's a retro windsurfing party

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 25 Aug 2017

If you're a fan of the good old days, you'll love this retro windsurfing event. It's called "La Planche à Voile à la Papa."

Windsurfing has made a long way since the Windsurfer One Design époque. The boards, the sails, the gear and all side accessories became lighter and more functional.

Old school windsurfing was all about having fun and cruising across the water under sunny skies and gentle winds. Today, everything's different - we seek the highest jump, the raddest maneuver, and the fastest lap.

Noireaux finds the set wave at the 2017 Baja Desert Showdown

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 22 Aug 2017

Morgan Noireaux has taken out the 2017 Baja Desert Showdown, Punta San Carlos, in Mexico.

The fourth stop on the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) had a wide variety of favorable wind and wave conditions and attracted sailors from 14 nations.

The 30-minute finals got underway in calmer seas, and with less consistent set waves. In the women's division, Annamaria Zollet found and rode the biggest waves and stole the show.

How to read wind direction

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 22 Aug 2017

Reading the wind and putting it into words can be especially confusing. Learn how to convert wind directions in degrees to compass directions, and check out their corresponding official abbreviations.

How do you read wind direction? Which direction is SSW? Which direction is 0 degrees - north or south? All you need is a Rose of the Winds and a good memory.

The first thing we need to know is that wind direction is reported as the orientation from where the wind is blowing. For instance, if it's coming out of the southeast and blowing towards the northwest, it is a southeast wind.

Windfinder introduces interactive weather forecast maps

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 18 Aug 2017

Windfinder, an online wind and wave forecast service, announced the introduction of interactive weather maps on its website and mobile apps.

The company headquartered in Kiel, Germany, wants to make it easy for users to check wind direction, wind speed, and air temperature, and other weather variables in their favorite spots.

With the new intuitive presentation, which finds the windiest and best locations for sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing, Windfinder will directly compete with online marine forecast solutions like

Last Yachting New Zealand Dramatic finish to world champs test event

BYM News - Wed 16 Aug 2017
  Aarhus offers taste of Championships to come It is a truth universally acknowledged in the boat park, that while some classes are talking tech or weather, the windsurfers are finding out where to eat and chill out. But ...

Blind tenor Andrea Bocelli goes windsurfing

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 16 Aug 2017

Classical tenor Andrea Bocelli spent his summer holidays windsurfing in Elba Island, in Italy.

The singer is blind since the age of 12, but he has always been quite active when it comes to sports. Bocelli enjoys rollerblading, skiing, and horseback riding.

This time, the man who sold more than 80 million records decided to give windsurfing a go in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Facts about the Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018:

BYM News - Tue 15 Aug 2017
Held every four years, the Sailing World Championships is one of the biggest global sailing event in the world and the principal qualification event for the Olympic sailing competition. Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus Denmark 2018 will include all ...

Aarhus offers taste of Championships to come

BYM News - Tue 15 Aug 2017
It is a truth universally acknowledged in the boat park, that while some classes are talking tech or weather, the windsurfers are finding out where to eat and chill out. But when it is competition time they are as ...

Tenerife PWA World Cup

BYM News - Mon 14 Aug 2017
 Windsurfing as Good as it Gets See's Philip Köster Tame Tenerife’s Howling Wind & Waves While Women’s Single Reaches Anti-Climactic End​

How to do a vulcan in windsurfing

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 11 Aug 2017

The vulcan is a fundamental maneuver in modern freestyle windsurfing. After mastering it, you'll be ready to learn many new moves.

The history of windsurfing tells us that the vulcan, invented in the 1990s by Josh Stone, is the trick that paved the way for the freestyle revolution.

In other words, the vulcan is nothing more than a maneuver in which you jump, turn the board 180 degrees, get around to the other side of the boom, slide backward and stop.

Helga, the 81-year-old windsurfer who rejects coffee parties

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 9 Aug 2017

Do you need inspiration to leave the couch and go windsurfing? Meet Helga, the 81-year-old windsurfer with plenty of reasons to ride her gear.

"I started windsurfing at the age of 42, but only took it seriously when I was 50, explains the German veteran windsurfer.

Today, Helga is an accomplished windsurfer. She is familiar with the beach start, and she uses the harness when the wind blows stronger. Helga windsurfs effortlessly.

Adam Holm crowned 2017 Kona One world champion

Surf Today Windsurfing - Mon 7 Aug 2017

Adam Holm has been crowned the 2017 Kona One world champion, in Bastad, Sweden.

The 23-year-old windsurfer secured the title after a thrilling battle with Dutchman Huig-Jan Tak, who finished only one point behind the winner. The three-times world champion Björn Holm won the bronze medal.

The event took place on classical racing waters on the west coast of Sweden. The first days of races got underway in very light and shifty conditions, putting lots of effort on the tactical skills.

Fabien Pianazza crowned Techno 293 European champion

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 2 Aug 2017

Israel won three of the four gold medals at stake at the Techno 293 European Championship 2017, in the northwest of France. But it was a local windsurfer who claimed the most coveted title.

The future stars of Olympic windsurfing battled it out for medals in light-to-medium wind conditions throughout the week, in Lorient.

The organization was able to set 12 races in 12-to-16 knots of wind, and an M-shaped course was tested for the first time.

Sarah-Quita Offringa wins her 10th PWA Freestyle world title

Surf Today Windsurfing - Thu 27 Jul 2017

Sarah-Quita Offringa secured her tenth PWA Freestyle world title, at Fuerteventura, in Spain.

The Aruban sailor conquered "La Decima" in one of the most thrilling women's finals in the history of windsurfing. Offringa beat Maaike Huvermann in a nerve-wracking showdown.

The Dutch landed shuvit spocks, konos, a culo, and a puneta, but Offringa took a deep breath and replied with a magic burner. Both windsurfers only heard the judges' decision on the beach.

Marcilio Browne showing why he’s a genuine title contender for 2017

BYM News - Tue 25 Jul 2017
The 2017 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival may have just finished, but Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing), who finished 5th in Pozo, has just released a new edit pre and during the contest.This year’s contest was won by Daida ...

First RS:One Convertible European champions crowned in Penmarch

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 21 Jul 2017

Thomas Goyard and Maëlle Guilbaud were crowned winners of the 2017 RS:One Convertible European Championships, in Penmarch, France.

The event was the first world foiling competition sanctioned and organized by the RS:One Convertible class and the International Windsurfing Association (IWA).

Up to 36 windsurfers from four continents participated in the contest, which had light winds in the 7-to-14 knots range on the final day of regattas.

25 most common mistakes in windsurfing

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 19 Jul 2017

Windsurfing is a complex and highly technical sport which involves a combination of natural elements - water and wind - and human behavior.

Mistakes are a part of windsurfing, and even professional athletes make them. So, why don't analyze your sailing skills, and try to correct your inaccuracies?

Don't waste energy - make the necessary corrections and get your sailing to the next level. Windsurfing can be dangerous, and the risk of injuring yourself and others can be mitigated if you avoid a few technical faults.

Philip Köster makes dream return at Pozo Izquierdo

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 18 Jul 2017

Philip Köster and Daida Moreno claimed the 2017 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, in the Canary Islands.

Despite the small wave conditions, the weather gods have once again blessed the Spanish wave sailing event with 40-knot plus winds.

Three-time PWA world champion Philip Köster returned after injury, surgery, and rehabilitation with a narrow win over Victor Fernandez at Pozo Izquierdo.

The different types of windsurfing fins

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 12 Jul 2017

Do you know how to choose the right fin for your windsurfing board? Discover the main types of fins and the most popular fin boxes.

Windsurfing fins have several characteristics, and it's easy to get confused. They feature multiple lengths, shapes and thickness levels because they were designed for multiple purposes.

Fins convert wind force into forward motion and help keep the board on track, providing stability, lift and drag when necessary. Sailing without fins can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible.

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