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Legendary windsurfing promoter Ceri Williams passes away

Surf Today Windsurfing - Mon 27 Jul 2020

Ceri Williams, the legendary executive secretary of the International Windsurfing Association (IWA), passed away after a courageous battle against a sudden illness.

He was one of the most respected organizers and event directors in the world of windsurfing.

Despite his low profile, Williams was a key personality in the development of the sport in the past decades.

43.04 knots: Antoine Albeau sets new nautical mile speed world record

Surf Today Windsurfing - Mon 20 Jul 2020

Antoine Albeau has broken windsurfing's nautical mile speed world record at Plage du Rouet, in La Palme, France.

The multiple-time world champion has done it again.

Albeau rode his windsurf board at 43.04 knots during the 2020 Prince of Speed, the speed sailing event organized by Principe Andrea Baldini.

NeilPryde transfers RS:X intellectual property to class

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 23 Jun 2020

NeilPryde announced the transfer of the RS:X intellectual property (IP) rights to the RS:X Class Association.

During the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, the RS:X Class Association continued to work in the background in supporting its sailors and member national authorities (MNA) with a range of issues and concerns.

The primary concern raised has been about the supply of equipment for those sailors looking to Tokyo 2020 - to be held on 2021 - who will need to train on fresh equipment as well as continuing their equipment selection processes.

A different way of being "in irons"

Surf Today Windsurfing - Thu 28 May 2020

Most sailors understand the term and have experienced being "in irons" at one time or another.

"In irons" occurs when a sailboat gets "stuck" facing into the wind and can't turn left or right - the jib and main sails flutter, or "luff," when in irons.

Sailboats get into this position accidentally by tacking too slowly.

Why a 1987 windsurfer's rescue matters so much today

Surf Today Windsurfing - Thu 7 May 2020

In October 1987, a lost windsurfer was rescued in San Francisco Bay, California. His name was John. Today, there's someone whose dying wish is to find him. His name is Chuck Dougherty.

San Francisco Bay is one of the most celebrated and iconic sailing venues in the world.

But it is also a tricky area, with powerful and shifty winds and currents that can quickly make things difficult for inexperienced water participants.

Video : Cape Town 2016 trip from Meikel Thies

MauiSails News - Mon 11 Apr 2016
Check out the latest video clip from MauiSails

Video : 4-Batten sail rigging guide - Mutant (wave) and LocoPro (freestyle)

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
Check out the latest video clip from MauiSails

Video : Wave Sails (5-batten) rigging and derigging guide

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
Check out the latest video clip from MauiSails

Video : Epic - 3-batten wave sail - rigging guide

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
Check out the latest video clip from MauiSails

February in Cape Town

MauiSails News - Wed 23 Mar 2016
Cape Town is extremely versatile so that it never gets boring.

Final day: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Mon 17 May 2010

Anton's report of the final day of DefiWind 2010!

This was the last day of the 4 day competition. The wind early on in the day was as strong as at the end of yesterday. But since this was the last day I decided that I needed to go out. The race director announced that it would be only one lap around a 25 km course rather than two laps. Everyone cheered.

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Day 3: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Mon 17 May 2010

A slow start today. In spite of an early start the boys are still wrecked from the day before and the villa was creaking even before Paul put the coffee pot on. Our view from the window looks over the beach and we can see a few hardy souls already on the water at 0800. By 0850 Anton, Paula and james have downed the cereal, grabbed all the gear and are heading to the beach...

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Day 2: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Sun 16 May 2010

After last year’s quiet days the 2010 event has been a real eye opener. Big days on the water make the big nights a little less appealing is the main observation.

Briefing at 9 and then the race 90 minutes later...

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Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Sat 15 May 2010

Day One at Gruissan, Defi Wind!

James Dinnis arrived in Marseille after a bruising trip from New Plymouth, New Zealand – Auckland – LA (via Venice beach??) – Munich then on to Marseille. Like any good travel story this one had its dramas from the start. The Premium Air New Zealand check-in was the site of the last minute repacking of 217kg of gear all destined for a one way trip to France. As always the Air NZ guys were rockstars. 36 hours later Team Carbon Art arrived in France to be met by team rider Vincent only to find none of the gear had arrived...

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Wave 2010/11 New Shapes, New Graphics, 2 Year Warranty!

Carbon Art - Thu 29 Apr 2010

Carbon Art is excited to announce the release of the 2010/11 wave range.

An extensive amount of work, testing and tweaking on the waves of Taranaki and Maui has gone into our entire range. All three of our wave shapes have been fully refined to give you better performance and more benefits than ever before. The sheer smoothness of the Wave Vee (WaveV) puts you in control 100% of the time, the power and responsiveness of the Wave Single Concave (WaveSC) is more than impressive and the varied style of turns the Wave Thruster (WaveTH) offers is a huge amount of fun.

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IFCA Slalom Worlds Youth/Masters 2010 – L’Almanarre, France

Carbon Art - Mon 19 Apr 2010

The 2010 IFCA Slalom World Championships for Youth and Masters was held last week on the almost mythical spot of L’Almanarre, at the foot of the Gien peninsula near Hyères on the French Côte d’Azur.

With only one day of slalom training on my new boards and sails my preparation going into the championships was far from perfect. This made the gear choice under the IFCA “slalom 42” format even trickier, considering that Almanarre can see the widest range of conditions ranging from strong side-on shore mistral to gusty off-shore “vent d’est”. The forecast was for the week was for building off-shore winds on the first day, and uncertain lighter breezes for the remainder of the week. I decided to register the new SL75pro and SL66pro, with 8.4, 7.6, 7.0 and 6.6 Maui Sails TR6xt’s.

We had a strong fleet, with more than 50 masters and grandmasters registered and a couple of former French and world champions like Gerald Pelleau and Pierre Moretti from France, Markus Poltenstein from Austria and Marco Begalli from Italy. Sailing in his own front yard, living French windsurfing legend Eric Thiémé (remember the indoors in Paris Bercy in the 1990s...) whose windsurf centre is located right on the beach of Almanarre was also present.

Announcing the 2010 Midwest Speed Quest

Carbon Art - Thu 15 Apr 2010

In 2010 Carbon Art are proud to support the Midwest Speed Quest, and would like to thank Craig Bergh who has been excellent to work with and Carbon Art look forward to further developments - news report below about the MSQ in 2010.

The MSQ would like to thank everyone who has participated in past years, and invite everyone back again in 2010. We have been working hard all winter long to make this Event even better.

The speeds recorded in this Event can be compared with speeds recorded anywhere in the world. We work closely with the Team at GPS Speed Surfing in Holland. These guys support all forms of Speed Sailing, including GPS Windsurfing, GPS Kiteboarding, and GPS Ice Sailing.

The "Economic Stimulus Package" was a success in 2009, and shall be repeated again in 2010.

The MSQ event shall run from April 15th to October 15th, 2010 on an open schedule. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule, and come on down. Let us help you with discounted Lodging and Great Food.

We have the best demo gear in the world for use by the visiting racers.

Please visit the MSQ Web Site for complete information:

2010 Carbon Art / Rodgers Dental New Zealand Wavesailing Nationals

Carbon Art - Tue 13 Apr 2010

2010 Wave Nationals
Bring on the wind...

Easter weekend began in similar fashion to the last few years with perfect warm summer weather gracing our skies. However for wind addicted windsurfers, this was the last thing wanted. Friday was called a lay day, with competitors being released to make their own fun. Most chose to go surfing, SUP’n or fishing.

Saturday the conditions were little better (i.e perfectly calm hot and sunny) and a sausage sizzle was held at Weld Road for the competitors and friends. A light NW breeze picked up late in the afternoon in time for a free sail at Kina Road north break, but too late for the competition unfortunately.

Sunday the competition was on hold at Pungarehu waiting for the forecast south easterly wind to arrive. Unfortunately the wind did not arrive until 6PM too late to run any competition heats.

The wind blew 30 knots overnight, then by the 10AM briefing at Pungarehu had dropped to below the minimum required for competition to be held at that location.

New site features

Carbon Art - Thu 1 Apr 2010

You may have noticed that we have had the site updated. There have been quite a few changes and some more planned as the developers add in the finishing touches - thank you.

So what is new?

  1. Freight discounts for overseas orders.
  2. Add-on options.
  3. New Secure Payment options.
  4. Sign up / Create an account / wishlist.
  5. How to Order FAQ

Find out more!

CA Travel Plans

Carbon Art - Wed 31 Mar 2010

Where in the world are you and what is happening in the UK?

We have been trying to make head roads into the UK, with our most recent being wave sailor Jack Hunt stepping up to be a CA Team rider, having been a CA Rider for many years. Welcome on board Jack! We would like feedback or comments on what UK riders need as an incentive to consider buying or trying a CA board?

Travel news: James Dinnis with a selection of CA Boards will be in the UK in May 2010, just after the Defi in France - interested in getting a board, but want to test one first, this is a great opportunity to book a demo. (We might even build a board for your request, and if you like it, you can buy it at the demo).

Hidden away in our site there is a really cool 'Request a Demo' page, find it here. Feel free to request a demo, and if we have a local rider who has the right gear for you to try we will do our best to hook it up right away - and in the case that you are located miles away from a CA Rider, we will keep your details until we have found a way to get a board to you for a demo, or alternatively we suggest that you take us up on our 'Buy it, Try it, Keep it or ... Return it & Get your money back! Guaranteed' offer. It works very well.

Have feedback to this news/question, comment on the forums here.

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