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Class Equipment Inspectors appointed

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
As the class expands and grows, so does the need for more qualified officials to assist and support the growing numbers of class events. ......( more )

2011 Calendar update

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
The 2011 championship calendar is now published - with the dates confirmed for all continental championships, except the African event which is expected to be announced soon. Notices of Race are being drawn up and will be published as quickly as possible. National Associations are invited to submit events for inclusion in the T293 calendar. Please send full details including date, venue, notice of race (as soon as available), contact details and website details to -

T293 Worlds Martigues - Photos available

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
Windthings Photo Gallery - high res pics are available - e-mail Patrick De Bryne giving album/photo number, description/sail number

Minutes of the 2010 AGM now published

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
The minutes of the AGM held in Martigues, France, at the end of July, are now published. The meeting elected a new committee, which included a new member - Gustavo Almenara from Mendoza, Argentina; and the committee immediately co-opted a member to represent Asia - Winfield Zee from Hong Kong.......( more )

Championships in Martigues is over

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
Watch Patrik's last video "Past, Present and Future"

Just one race for the U17 Boys Gold on Day 4

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
At the end of racing on day 3 the boys fleets were split into Gold and Silver for the last two racing days.  Regrettably it was only possible to complete 1 race today - for the under 17 boys Gold fleet - as the strong mistral wind returned.   ......( more )

Again, Testing Conditions on Day 3

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
The Race Committee managed to complete three races for all fleets today despite the late start to proceedings.  French competitors Maxime Labat and Gael Cousin are on good form leading the blue and yellow U17 boys' groups.  In the girls' U17, race wins have been shared out with five different winners in the five races but Israel's Naomi Cohen is at the top of the leaderboard.......( more )

55 knots by Patrik!

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
Another great film by Patrik!  Usually we wait for the wind but today . . . 35 knots gusting to 55!  It's more than a championship for these kids, it's an adventure - time to relax, meet new friends and enjoy beautiful Martigues.  And, while they stay safe on the beach, watch who obeys his animal instincts and takes to the water with his shortboard - even with a broken finger!

Record Entry for Martigues!

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
364 competitors from 26 countries, 4 continents, have registered for the Techno 293 World Championships in Martigues, smashing the 2009 record entry.  With the Raceboard Youth and Masters running concurrently bringing the total number of competitors at CVM Martigues up to 435, this is the biggest championship event in windsurfing for 20 years!......( more )

Brits arrive in Martigues!

Techno293 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
First impressions of the British sailors competing in Martigues.Techno Worlds 2010 Podcast 1

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